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Your Community - Llanbrynmair

As part of Dolennauír Iaith the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust has created an experimental interactive map of the community of Llanbrynmair, Powys and posted it on its website. Visitors can interrogate the map and read about the sites, monuments, buildings and artefacts of archaeological and historical interest in their community. This information comes from the Clwyd-Powys Regional Historic Environment Record (HER), a public-access database about archaeology and history curated by CPAT. It is hoped that further general information about Llanbrynmair and its history can be added to these pages in due course.

Firstly, click on a region of the map to access one of four small-scale maps of Llanbrynmair, then click on a coloured point of interest to access, and if you wish print out, the information behind it. The circular symbols will lead you to extracts from the HER, the red diamonds will lead you to photographs. Alternatively you can select a site by name from the index below.

To find out more about the Regional Historic Environment Record and the work of CPAT follow the menu options on the left of this page.

We would welcome feedback on these pages and the information they contain, to do this, or to get further information about this area, please contact Jeff Spencer at this address.

Index to Archaeological and historical sites in Llanbrynmair Community

Prehistoric sites

Allor Cairn I, SH89840040
Allor Cairn II, SH89940040
Bontdolgadfan Find, SH88640021
Cae Garreg Placename, SH89970273
Cae y Garnedd Placename, SH88360407
Cae y Garreg Placename, SH91190207
Caeau Gleison Find, SH90980517
Careg y Terfyn Hut I, SN91049466
Carnedd Wen Placename, SH92500988
Carnedd y Cylch Cairn, SH92931006
Cerrig Caerau stone circle, SH90280050
Cerrig Cors Hodnant Stones, SH903009
Cerrig Fforchog cairn, SN91689502
Cerrig Fforchog cairn II, SN91689498
Clawdd y Coed Cropmark, SN92809848
Dol Garn Placename, SH888017
Dol Lydan Find, SH909021
Dylife Flint Chipping Floor, SN860941
Esgair Carnedd Placename, SH93000330
Esgair Priciau Cairn, SH93200413
Ffridd Cwm y Ffynnon Barrow, SH91830498
Ffridd Pwll y Warthol Cairn, SH93470408
Ffriddyrystrad Cairn, SN91989898
Gelli Wen mound, SH89401127
Glan yr Afon Cairn Site, SH89341031
Llanbrynmair Find I, SN88899878
Llanbrynmair Find II, SH88420075
Llanbrynmair Parish Find I, SH8902
Llanbrynmair, Cringoed Farm, parchmarks, SH88140174
Lled Croen yr Ych Cairn, SH904006
Lled Croen yr Ych Circle, SH90400055
Mynydd Esgair Enclosure, SN89849913
Mynydd Lluest Fach cairn, SH90040833
Mynydd Lluest Fach ring cairn, SH89860802
Mynydd Lluest Fach settlement, SH90220814
Mynydd y Cemmaes cairn I, SH86790691
Mynydd y Cemmaes Cairn II, SH86740688
Mynydd y Cemmaes cairn III, SH87010751
Mynydd y Cemmaes cist, SH86730693
Nant Twr Gwyn cairn, SN91469580
Nant Twr Gwyn standing stone, SN91459598
Pant y Ffynnon Flint chipping floor, SN86909360
Pen Esgair Wen Huts, SN851955
Twr Gwyn Mawr cairn, SN91819591
Twy Gwyn standing stone, SN91799605
Twyn Gosod Cairn, SN9195
Waen Ty Isaf Huts, SN860984
Waun Ddeiliog Barrows, SN8696
Ystradfawr Cairn, SN91709901
Ystradfawr Mound, SN91889908
Ystradfawr Stone, SN91889907

Roman sites

Llanbrynmair Parish Find II, SH8902
Llanbrynmair Road Road, SN906961
Penycrocbren Fortlet, SN85609349

Dark Age sites

Twr Gwyn Battle Site, SN91819593

Medieval sites

Abbot's Dyke (Strata Marcella), SH924030
Bron-derw-goed, SN8790498849
Bryn y Groes Placename, SH89250200
Cerrig Caerau Stones, SH90180035
Cwm Bryn Moel Enclosure, SN86509498
Cwm Calch Ridge and Furrow, SN91159923
Cwm y Ffynon Ridge and Furrow, SH912053
Domen Fawr Motte, SH89100263
Dylife Church (St David), SN86139408
Esgair Garnedd Enclosure, SH92560306
Esgair Lwyd Enclosure, SN84929408
Hafod Owain (Strata Marcella), SH928027
Llan, SH8842400734
Llan Church (St Mary), SH8841200779
Llanbrynmair, SH8989602830
Llanbrynmair Church (St John), SH899028
Mynydd Esgair Enclosure, SN89939807
Pandy Rhiw ridge and furrow, SH90800445
Pen-y-ffridd, farmstead, SH9506903338
Pont yr Efail Fach Ridge and Furrow, SN88209770
Rhiw Wgan Ridge and Furrow, SN88259845
Talerddig, SH9304100161
Talerddig Chapel (St ????) Site, SH9300
Talerddig siding cultivation ridges, SN93419944
Tirymynach Manor (Strata Marcella), SH931002
Ty Coch Longhouse, SH90221207

Post Medieval and Modern sites

Aber-ucha earthwork, SH9514001749
Aber-ucha house, SH9464101749
Afon Cwm sheepfold, SH9172507811
Afon Rhiw Saeson weir, SH9026403437
Afon Trannon mound, SN90649556
Afon Trannon peat mound, SN91139591
Afon Trannon sheep pen, SN90639559
Afon Trannon wall, SN91359661
Afon Tyn-y-Rhos earthworks, SH9482901610
Afon Tyn-y-Rhos sheepfold, SH9480101642
Allt Ddu Enclosure, SN89619535
Allt Gau sluice, SN92879974
Belan Farmstead, SN922998
Berth-lwyd, SH9104303784
Blaen y wern farmstead, SH9193008518
Blaen-y-cwm bridge, SH9163807988
Blaen-y-cwm culvert, SH9196207829
Blaen-y-cwm earthwork, SH9140007823
Blaen-y-cwm farm buildings, SH9160908004
Blaen-y-cwm farm leat I, SH9155008067
Blaen-y-cwm farm leat II, SH9160408026
Blaen-y-cwm house, SH9158108034
Blaen-y-cwm sheepfold, SH9170007933
Blaen-y-cwm weir, SH9162308068
Blaentwymyn Platform, SN84919404
Boncyn Blaen-y-cwm building, SH9185008303
Boncyn Blaen-y-cwm quarry, SH9200008505
Boncyn Blaen-y-cwm track, SH9191708180
Bont Dolgadfan Independent Chapel, with railed forecourt, SH8869900267
Bont-dolgadfan earthwork, SH88410017
Bontdolgadfan, SH8800
Bontdolgadfan bridge, SH8864300208
Bontdolgadfan, grain and timber kiln, SN8845499854
Braich House Site, SH88730962
Braich Odnant Platform, SH90570109
Braich Odnant quarry, SH90910191
Braich Odnant trackway, SH91000171
Bryn Glas House Site, SH88551072
Bryn llys, SH9028202710
Bryn Maidu quarry, SN8902494556
Bryn Moel mineworking, SN8594
Bryn Moel mineworkings to west, SN849947
Bryn y Fedwen Earthworks II, SN8565497064
Bryn y Fedwen Earthworks V, SN8554397046
Bryn y Fedwen Mine, dam, SN8570497133
Bryn y Fedwen Mine, level II, SN8520497740
Bryn y Fedwen Mine, level III, SN8524297749
Bryn yr Oerfa Trigonometrical Station, SN9032894208
Bryn yr Wyn (hut platform I), SN905961
Bryn yr Wyn (hut platform I), SN905961
Bryn yr Wyn (hut platform II), SN905961
Bryn yr Wyn (hut platform II), SN905961
Bryn yr Wyn House Site, SN906961
Bryn-glas structure I, SH8872610818
Bryn-glas structure II, SH8879410616
Bryn-yr-oerfa, SN9026794275
Brynfedwen, SN85509701
Brynfedwen Shaft, SN8531697647
Cae Madog Quarry (dis), SN8891299281
Capel-yr-aber trackway, SH9388201536
Carnedd Wen Cairn, SH925098
Castell-y-gwynt, farmstead, SH9491402962
Castell-y-gwynt, well, SH9490903021
Cawg Level (dis), SN8767597960
Cefn, SH9256102072
Cefn well, SH9260402015
Cefn, trackway, SH9270401979
Cerrig Caerau Mounds, SH90200040
Cerrig Fforchog earthwork, SN91259499
Ceulan, SN86209740
Ceulan Mine, level I, SN8561197813
Ceulan Mine, level II, SN8578597771
Ceulan Mine, level III, SN8583297020
Ceulan Mine, level IV, SN8583897037
Ceulan Mine, level V, SN8599097858
Ceulan Mine, level VI, SN8584697752
Ceulan Mine, level VII, SN8593597611
Ceulan Mine, level VIII, SN8570697868
Ceulan Mine, shaft and winding gear, SN8610697141
Ceulan Mine, shaft I, SN8606997141
Ceulan Mine, shaft II, SN8601897095
Ceulan Mine, shaft III, SN8586897718
Ceulan Mine, structure, SN8612197234
Ceulan Mine, tramway, SN8602897456
Cil Cwm Fawr House Site, SN87439673
Clawdd y Coed Mill, SN93069856
Clegyrddwr, SH9024403778
Coed Cae, SH9041802603
Coed Esgair, farmstead, SH9323601549
Coed yr Allt House Site, SH908061
Coed-glyn-Iaen, SH9232201438
Coed-prefyde, SH8913701311
Coed-prefyde building, SH8900801574
Corlan Pit, SH87050705
Corun-y ffridd, building, SH8652701467
Corun-y ffridd, footpath I, SH8722001290
Corun-y ffridd, footpath II, SH8729001630
Craig For House Site, SH88211066
Craig y Pit Enclosure, SH89970073
Craig y Pit Platform House, SH89970057
Craig-yr-henford, SN8854995239
Craig-yr-henford well, SN8853895187
Creigiau Enclosure, SH87620658
Creigiau House Site, SH87300646
Cringoed, sluice, SH8787201215
Crugnant farm wheel, SN887957
Crygnant-isaf, SN8872595754
Crygnant-uchaf, SN8879595762
Crygnant-uchaf well, SN8878895706
Cwm Creignant house?, SN8889895639
Cwm gwyn, SH9051604464
Cwm y Ffridd House Site, SH937018
Cwm-carnedd-uchaf, SH9157802870
Cwm-mawr, SN8955095957
Ddwynant-gerig outbuilding, SN8846794487
Ddwynant-gerig weir, SN8845394059
Diosg House, SH9104101418
Dol-yr-Onen House, SH90650233
Dyfngwm Mine ; Castle Rock Mine, SN84909310
Dylife Mine, SN85609390
Dylife Mine, engine House, SN859940
Dylife Mine, ore dressing floors, SN859940
Dylife Mine, reservoir system, SN859940
Dylife Mine, settlement, SN85609390
Dylife Mine, tramway system, SN8594
Dylife Mine, wheel pit I, SN859940
Dylife Mine, wheel pit II, SN859940
Dylife Mine, wheel pit III, SN859940
Esgair Gelynen House Site, SH91570600
Esgair Llugwy Trigonometrical Station, SN8574396479
Estate farm building at Gellidywyll, SN8888198767
Factory, Llanbrynmair, SH923012
Fawnog-fawr building, SH9556601769
Fawnog-fawr field sytem, SH9547801582
Fawnog-fawr ridge and furrow, SH9557801973
Ffridd Cwm Ffynnon Cairn, SH91590488
Ffridd Fach House Site, SH88900445
Ffridd Fawr cow shed, SH9468503974
Ffridd Fawr, farmstead, SH9468003980
Ffridd Fawr, stone I, SH9517704078
Ffridd Fawr, stone II, SH9531303810
Foel-fach I, house, SH9273501881
Foel-fach II, building platform, SH9275401772
Fron Mill;Talerddig Mill, SH929001
Fron-felin, SH87250071
Gelli House, SH89550097
Gelli Oleu House Site, SN892983
Gelli Wen House Site, SH89101125
Gellidywyll, SN8890098758
Gellidywyll Mill, SN8850599842
Glandwr House, SH92410113
Glantwymyn, SH8868100186
Gors Dyfwch root store, SH90200270
Graig Coch Level, SN8641197681
Graig Coch Level, SN8638997745
Graig house Site, SN89589934
Gro House Site, SN87539682
Grug Enclosure, SN846940
Gwern-y-bwlch, SH8785404090
Gwern-y-bwlch building, SH8767504113
Hafod y Llan, also known as the Old Rectory, SH8840000821
Hafod-y-Foel House, SH92930164
Hafod-y-foel, cow house, SH9292701658
Hen Ffridd ford, SH9246304305
Hendy House Site, SH91551259
Hirnant Fawr wheel, SN880982
Hirnant Quarry (dis), SN8776593995
Llan Barn, SH884008
Llan, house opposite church, SH88450075
Llan, old quarry, SH8793101192
Llanbrynmair Railway Station and house, SH8967903055
Llanbrynmair, farmstead ?, SH92460056
Llanbrynmair, leat, SH90090309
Llanbrynmair, platform ?, SH92370010
Llanbrynmair, wall, SH92380011
Llanbrynmair, woollen mill I, SH902053
Llanbrynmair, woollen mill II, SH886003
Llanbrynmair, woollen mill III, SH886002
Llanerchyraur, SN86759820
Llannerch-yr-aur Level (dis), SN8659298027
Llannerch-yr-aur Shaft (dis), SN8649798031
Llannerch-yr-aur Shaft II (dis), SN8604897888
Lluest, SN8868995635
Lluest Droppings Earthworks, SN84869474
Lluest Fach House Site, SH89430830
Lluest y Fedw House Site, SH91250404
Machynlleth-Newtown railway (section), SH9257601098
Maes-ymdrisiol, SN8837494452
Milestone at Llanbrynmair Bridge, SH8987502854
Milestone at the N end of Dol-fach, SH9101401846
Minfordd Cottages, barn, SN8809298679
Moel Eiddew peat mound, SH87250524
Moel Eiddew quarry, SH87060530
Moel Eiddew Shelter, SH87060530
Moel Gloria Fach earthworks, SH9494802299
Moel Gloria hafod, SH94910240
Moelfre Dam, SN857985
Mwyars enclosure, SH87700309
Mwyars field system, SH87800314
Mynydd Esgair Quarry (dis), SN8971799070
Mynydd Lluest Fach clearance cairns, SH898018
Mynydd Lluest Fach shelter, SH89850807
Mynydd Nantcarfan peat platform, SH90000710
Mynydd Nantcarfan shelter, SH89860740
Mynydd Nantcarfon enclosure, SH91000745
Mynydd Nantcarfon field system, SH910076
Mynydd yr Aber earthworks, SH9551002028
Mynydd yr Aber farm, SH9510001809
Mynydd yr Aber pound, SH9601202224
Mynydd yr Aber shelter, SH9550201980
Nant Carfan hafod, SH89920890
Nant Hir Lynchets, SH88920893
Nant Rhyd-y-car enclosure, SH90710714
Nant-y-Wern House, SN89499990
Pandy 'r Cock mill, SH902034
Pandy 'r Pennant mill, SN879976
Pandy Bont y Green, SH889013
Pandy Rhiw Saeson, SH903046
Pandy Rhiwsaeson mill, SH903043
Pandy, Llanbrynmair, SH905044
Pandy-bach, SH9278900707
Pandy-rhiw Saeson buildings, SH9079504346
Pant y Ffynnon house site, SN8660693949
Pant-Glas house, SH932009
Pant-glas, ford, SH9300001029
Pant-glas, trackway, SH9290100922
Pant-y-waen, farmstead, SH9368902369
Pant-y-waen, well, SH9365302374
Pen Borfa House Site, SH92930188
Pen Dylife Coach Road, SN85209360
Pen Dylife Mine, SN85509350
Pen Dylife Mine Boundary, SN85209330
Pen Dylife Mine Building, SN84979324
Pen Dylife Mine Enclosure, SN84959338
Pen Dylife Mine Hushing Channel I, SN84859340
Pen Dylife Mine Hushing Channel II, SN85049323
Pen Dylife Mine Hushing Channel III, SN84979317
Pen Dylife Mine Hushing Channel IV, SN84969320
Pen Dylife Mine Incline, SN84999324
Pen Dylife Mine Leat, SN85659346
Pen Dylife Mine Leat, SN85079336
Pen Dylife Mine Level, SN84989326
Pen Dylife Mine Level, SN85139325
Pen Dylife Mine Platform, SN85159322
Pen Dylife Mine Pulley run, SN86329400
Pen Dylife Mine Quarry, SN84969318
Pen Dylife Mine Reservoir, SN85689348
Pen Dylife Mine Shafts, SN85009330
Pen Dylife Mine Trackway, SN85209360
Pen Dylife Mine Trackway, SN85069330
Pen Dylife Mine Trackway, SN85009320
Pen Dylife Mine Trackway, SN84979324
Pen Dylife Mine Trackways, SN85489350
Pen Dylife Mine trial, SN84959311
Pen Dylife Mine Whim Circle, SN85029331
Pen Dylife Mine Whim Circle, SN85079332
Pen Dylife Mine Whim Shaft, SN85019332
Pen Dylife Mine Whim Shaft, SN85069333
Pen Dylife Mine Winding Drum, SN84999324
Pen Dylife Mine, hushing reservoir, SN84999320
Pen Dylife Mine, hushing reservoir, SN84979335
Pen Dylife Mine, reservoir, SN85079336
Pen Dylife Mine, reservoir, SN85189335
Pen Dylife Mine, reservoir, SN85149335
Pen Dylife Mine, reservoir, SN85209335
Pen y Waen Fawr House Site, SN87679490
Pen y Wern House Site, SN89999993
Pen-y-Bwlch House, SN90319993
Pen-y-ffridd, quarry, SH9478703264
Pen-y-wern, SN8992199843
Pen-y-Wern House, SN89709989
Pennant Church (St Mary), SN8897
Pennant corn mill, SN878976
Pennant Pandy, SN879975
Pennant Sawmill, SN8809497279
Pennant Sawmill, aqueduct, SN8810697274
Pentre - lludw cow shed, SH9405503477
Pentre Lludw House Site, SH940034
Pentre Lludw Uchaf Building, SH93920352
Penycrocbren Enclosure, SN84859325
Penycrocbren Gibbet, SN85489346
Penycrocbren Mine, SN85809363
Plas esgair, SH8813701058
Plas Rhiw Saeson House, SH9010705140
Pont Creignant, SN8891995739
Pont Dolgadfan, SH88640001
Pont Pant-glas, bridge, SH9277500876
Prys Gwyn Gyll Building, SH944047
Prys Gwyn Gyll House Site, SH94410426
Pwll-melyn, SH9101904712
Rhiwgan Level (dis), SN8874497999
Rhiwsaeson Corn Mill, SH903046
Rhiwsaeson Factory, SH902055
Sundial in the Churchyard of the Church of St Mary, SH8840500765
Tafolwern Mill, SH890026
Talerddig Mound, SN93469986
Talerddig siding enclosure wall, SN93249934
Talerddig signal box, SN93109936
Talerddig, Dolgoch Sawmill, SH9289900350
Tan y Fford House Site, SH887001
Trannon Moor Peat Cutting, SN9151196234
Trannon Moor Trackways II, SN9147897882
Trannon Moor Trackways III, SN9107298234
Trannon Moor Trackways IV, SN9014896948
Twmpath Melyn Stone, SH96100228
Twr Gwyn Ridge boundary stone, SN91759650
Ty Hir, SN88519661
Ty Newydd trackway, SH9183407717
Ty'n Llwyn House Site, SH89000000
Ty'n y Gors House Site, SH94330282
Ty'n y Waen House Site, SH939022
Ty'n yr Eithin house site, SN90169999
Ty'n-yr-Wtra House, SN90399990
Ty-Isaf mine building, SN880982
Ty-isaf Shaft (dis), SN8786097955
Tyisaf/cae Conroy, SN87709790
Tyn-y-ddol, farmstead, SH9270601056
Tyn-y-ddol, well, SH9268601038
Tyn-yr-Eithin House, SH90150001
Waun Fawr Mound, SH87380537
Weir House Site, SH90731132
Wern Gerhynt House, SN89669993
Wern Gerhynt Village, SN897999
Wynnstay Arms bridge, SH8984702864
Wynnstay, `Wynnstay Arms Hotel', SH8990802845
Y Grug Shafts, SN8510293328
Yagubor Bryn-maidu, SN8867094485
Yr Hen Gapel, forecourt railings, and Minister's house, SH9133101957
Ysgubdr Uchaf House Site, SH914025
Ystrad-fawr, SN9267699037
Ystrad-fawr ford I, SN9268499083
Ystrad-fawr ford II, SN9260599004

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