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PRN 18998 - Tyisaf/cae Conroy (multiple site)

NGR :- SN87709790 (SN89NE)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Llanbrynmair
Prefered site type :- Multiperiod - Lead mine (Structure - Damaged )

Lead (Roman ?/18thC/1805-1886)

Geology The lode strikes E-W in Silurian Frongoch and Gwestyn formation rocks with quartz and galena mineralisation.

Workings There are five shafts, a deep adit and two levels together with trials and opencuts. The shafts are located at SN87839795, SN87519790, SN87629798 and SN87859815. There is a level at SN87659790 and others at SN87809809. Most of these workings are run-in or within densely wooded areas with difficult access.

Transport There are numerous original mine trackways passing through the mine site dressing floors. There are also many examples of the common earthwork traces of tramway beds leading from the workings to the dressing floors. There is a leat from the Cae Conroy valley carrying water to the dressing floors.

Power There were two waterwheels present on the site. One of these, located just to the north of Tyisaf Farm at SN87969820, housed a 50x4ft wheel which pumped the engine shaft via 300 yards of flat rods. The other waterwheel located at SN87729809 was used for crushing.

There were undoubtedly smaller wheels for driving the round buddles but the remains are not obvious.

Water was supplied to the leats from the two artificial reservoirs higher up the valley to the west.

Processing There was a crusher house/stonebreaker, at least five round buddles, ore bins and picking/washing tables and jigger platforms. There are numerous basal masonry foundations on the dressing floors belonging to the crusher house and the processing mill.

Other features There are mine office and storehouse/smithy buildings on the dressing floors area.

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