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PRN 80340 - Blaen-y-cwm house

NGR :- SH9158108034 (SH90NW)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Llanbrynmair
Prefered site type :- Post Medieval - House (Building - Unknown )

Farmhouse and ancillary buildings forming one unit and set into slope at right angles to the contours. Probably therefore a longhouse with byre etc at one end (uphill to the north-east?). Farmhouse modernised, and an extension to the south-east, now used for accommodation, seems to have originated as a barn. Present 'cow house' (used for horses) at north-east end has plinthed foundations, window slits and a door in the north-east end, and internally cobbled floors, feeding stalls etc. Extended to the south-west by a lean-to extension. (CPAT Tir Gofal assessment, 1999)

Copleston, P J , 1999 , ,
Silvester, R J & Copleston, P J , 2000 , Blaen y cwm, Llanbrynmawr - : Tir Gofal Historic Environment Report - HE2 , CPAT Report 388 August 2000 .

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