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PRN 8460 - Ceulan mine

NGR :- SN86209740 (SN89NE)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Llanbrynmair
Prefered site type :- 17th century ? - Lead mine (Structure - Damaged )

Lead (17th century/1857-1889)

Geology Silurian grits and mudstones. The three main NW/SE lodes consist of the Rhoswydol, Graig goch and Brynfedwen lodes. Three other NW/SE lodes were also exploited within the sett. The vein material is galena mixed with quartz and sphalerite.

Workings Up to 13 levels of varying date are shown on the 1887 25" OS map together with 3 shafts, 2 adits numerous trials and stoping breking to the surface as long linear opencuts. All of these features are visible on the ground but are difficult of access due to dense forestry cover. The main group of workings can be seen on the slopes above Nant Ceulan from SN85159790 to SN85659718.

Transport There are numerous short tramways out onto individual spoil tips and a main line from the northernmost shaft SN85859771 down to the crusher house.

There are a number of inclines to levels on the south-western slopes of Llanerch Yr Aur SN85919778 and the eastern slope of Esgair Geulan SN85839778.

At SN86229733 tramways from an adit south-east of the crusher contour the hillside round to the crusher.

Power Water power was provided from streams descending from Waun Ty Isaf and Llanerch Yr Aur. There was a 40x3.5 ft pumping and crushing waterwheel at SN86409735 plus a 30x3ft pumping waterwheel located close to the present forestry track at SN86439735.

Processing Two crusher houses are visible at SN86139728 and SN86409735. Round buddles were also present at SN86609750 together with an ore bin and washing/picking floor. Three settling tanks can be seen at SN86299736.

Other features A mine office range is present on the dressing floors together with other unclassified buildings which probably represent a smithy, stores and carpenters shop all centred on SN86259733.

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