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PRN 42075 - Dol-fach milestone
Listed Building 18130 (II )

NGR :- SH9101401846 (SH90SW)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Llanbrynmair
Prefered site type :- 19th century - Milestone (Structure - Intact )

Listed building.

The following is from Cadw's Listed Buildings database

Located in the grassed verge near the N end of the layby on the NW end of the hamlet of Dol-fch.

Milestone, erected c. 1821 for the turnpike trust on the road from Newtown to Machynlleth.

A square section pillar of hard sandstone, approximately 1m high, rough hewn at the back, and inscribed facing the road 16 / NEWT / MACH / .. It is overpainted on the front and NW side.

Included as one of the very few milestones to survive modern roadworks along the length of this turnpike.

Cadw Listing database , 2000 , ,

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