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PRN 48667 - Hafod-y-foel, cow house

NGR :- SH9292701658 (SH90SW)
Prefered site type :- 19th century - Cow shed (Building - Intact )

A large rubble stone gabled late 18th Century early/19th Century one and half storey cow house built slightly into a east-facing bank. The east facing elevation has five stable doors providing access to cattle stalls some with original features. Three vertical ventilation slits can be seen to the south of the elevation. The northern section of the elevation has two large openings now partly in filled which may have represented an open fold yard or cart sheds. Above these openings is a section of weather boarding with pitching holes. The north-facing gable has a single low door at first floor level. The south-facing gable has a similar though smaller opening. The west facing elevation has four small square windows at first floor level with at least two stable doors at ground floor level. Three tie-beam trusses with inclined raking struts support the two purlin corrugated asbestos roof. Many of the original iron and timber door fittings remain in situ and the southern most timber door in the east-facing elevation has evidence of 19th Century carved graffiti. The building is in good condition and has been well maintained. Adjoining modern steel framed corrugated iron animal sheds protects both elevations and the south-facing gable. (CPAT Tir Gofal assessment, 2003)

Bull, D E , 2003 , Hafod-y-foel, Llanbrynmair - E/08/3656: Tir Gofal Historic Environment Report - HE2 , CPAT Report 578 October 2003 .
Phipps, R , 2003 , ,

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