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PRN 67894 - Foel-fach II, building platform

NGR :- SH9275401772 (SH90SW)
Prefered site type :- Post Medieval - House (Building - Near destroyed )

Building identified on 1st edition (1891) OS map as Foel-fach.

The remains of a small stone building possibly a small house or agricultural building. Mature sycamore trees that may have been planted to provide shelter for the building currently dominant the site. A stream flows past the site to the south-east. The building is raised above the stream by a dry stone retaining wall with evidence of stone steps leading to the stream to the south-west. Part of the wall has collapsed to the north-east. The walls of the building survive to no more than two courses of rubble stone and are some 8m by 3.5m with one obvious internal division. A slight bank can be seen to the south-west. (CPAT Tir Gofal assessment, 2003)

Bull, D E , 2003 , Hafod-y-foel, Llanbrynmair - E/08/3656: Tir Gofal Historic Environment Report - HE2 , CPAT Report 578 October 2003 .
Phipps, R , 2003 , ,

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