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PRN 77271 - Blaen-y-cwm farm buildings

NGR :- SH9160908004 (SH90NW)
Prefered site type :- Post Medieval - Farm building (Building - Unknown )

A group of traditional stone buildings on both sides of the track leading to the farmhouse. Buildings include: 1. Millhouse: Situated on NE of farm trackway on entering farm yard. This building is constructed of stone slab, but the window and door openings have red brick relieving arches, in similar style to the farmhouse. The roof is of corrugated iron, on a barrel-vaulted roof (possibly original cladding). On the rear (NE) wall is an abandoned waterwheel, a wheel pit and a stone-built outflow channel along the rear. This machinery is mostly in situ, but derelict. The millhouse is now converted to stabling. 2. Bake-House: Situated immediately to the north of the millhouse. This (originally) two story building is constructed of stone slab with stone lintels, and a slate roof with terra cotta ridge tiles. This chimney and oven remain in place, but a modern brick feature replaces the site of the original copper inside. The first floor has been removed, but external access to this remains via a flight of stone steps against the SE wall (between it and the millhouse). Immediately outside, beside the main trackway, are two large stone blocks are set in the ground that show evidence of spindle grooves - presumably once part of the milling machinery. 3. Cart Shed: Situated to the south-west of the bake-house and millhouse, on the opposite side of main trackway. This is an open-fronted, two story building in stone slab, with concrete floor and a slate roof. The first floor was originally used for fodder, but an internal plastered partition has interesting graffiti - 19th/20th century farmworker's poems and prose in Welsh pencilled on walls. A lean-to on the south side reputedly has a three-seater toilet. Associated with the cart shed, and immediately in front of it is a small yard with a slab surface as a hard standing. The cart shed was reportedly erected about 1824. (CPAT Tir Gofal assessment, 1999)

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