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PRN 5941 - Llanerchyraur (multiple site)

NGR :- SN86759820 (SN89NE)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Llanbrynmair
Prefered site type :- Multiperiod - Lead mine (Structure - Near destroyed )

Lead (18th century/1852-1881)

Geology Silurian mudstones and grits of the Frongoch formation. The lead veins strike ENE-WSW. The two main lodes include the Tyisaf and Llanerchyraur lodes. Galena is present in the shales.

Workings Extensive workings are visible over the hillside of Llanerchyraur on the main lode at SN86699811 including a deep adit SN86789820, two shafts on the top of the hill, and 6 levels. Two other levels were driven on the Tyisaf lode to the east. There are numerous shallow trials in the vicinity.

Transport Tramway track beds are visible on the dressing floors and leading to the deep adit.

Power Two reservoirs were constructed for driving dressing machinery (now Llynnau Cae Conroy) at SN86759825 and SN87009810. A long leat runs in to the mine from the Ceulan Valley. A wheelpit is located to the north of Tyisaf Farm SN87959818 which accommodated a 50ft pumping waterwheel that drove pumps at Tyisaf Engine shaft via 300yards of flat rods. It later pumped Llanerchyraur by a mile long rope.

Other smaller wheelpits drove the buddles at SN98078774 and a larger wheel operated the crusher house at the same NGR.

Processing A lower dressing floor with the Tyisaf winding wheelpit, jigger/picking table platform, round buddles and slime pits is shown on the 1887 25" OS Map at SN86789819.

The upper dressing floor consists of a crusher house, jigger shed base, four buddles, mine office, smithy, storesheds, and basal remains of the 1951 processing mill centred on SN87729808.

Other features No evidence.

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