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PRN 18984 - Fron-felin

NGR :- SH87250071 (SH80SE)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Llanbrynmair
Prefered site type :- Post Medieval - Lead mine (Structure - Near destroyed )

Lead (1848-1880)

Geology Silurian Frongoch formation shales and slates with galena mineralisation in a single lode.

Workings There are four levels at SN87360046, SN86620032, SN87660045 and SN87660051. There is another possible run-in deep level on the dressing floors at SN87250073.

The 1871 plan in the NLW collections shows a top, middle and deep adit with 'old sump' marked at the top of the hill. Above and below the latter a number of trials are marked. A shaft connects to the top adit.

Transport There are the usual traces of tramway beds surviving as earthworks.

Power No evidence.

Processing There is much evidence of manual processing in the form of crushed rock and tailings heaps.

Traces of ore bins and a picking/washing floor can be seen.

Other features There are foundations of a small mine office.

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Ordnance Survey map , 1888 , XXVII(9) , 1st Edition 25 inch Map

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