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PRN 42067 - Bron-derw-goed
Listed Building 18120 (II )

NGR :- SN8790498849 (SN89NE)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Llanbrynmair
Prefered site type :- Medieval ? - House (Building - Intact )

Listed building.

The following is from Cadw's Listed Buildings database

The farmhouse is located on the steep terraced hillside of the Banc Bronderwgoed, overlooking the valley of the Afon Twymyn. It is approached by a straight farm track rising from the Llanbrynmair to Pennant road, and stands at the N end of the farm.

The farmhouse is of medieval or sub-medieval origin, remodelled in the early C19, of 4 bays, lobby entry plan with hall and inner service rooms at the S end, kitchen to right and outbuilding, said to be a former ty gwau, (knitting shop), at the N end. Mr and Mrs Richard Wood kept open house here for travelling Methodists in the 1770's; an elegy on their faith and hospitality was written by the Moderator, Williams of Pantycelyn.

On the contour, approximately 500m to the N, is a stone barn known as Bryn gwyndy, with ventilation slits, possibly a former weaving store and workshop, later adapted as a cowhouse.

The house, with outbuilding in line consists of a long range of whitewashed stone rubble construction, under a slate roof, all of the early-mid C19 remodelling. Lobby entry plan, the boarded door, with an overlight, in front of the major stack, rebuilt in blue brick. Various paned timber windows in openings with brick segmental heads, set back from face of wall.

The living hall has deeply chamfered parallel spine beams and timber framed cross partition to the inner rooms. Large fireplace with splayed reveals. Roof is constructed with 4 pairs of crucks, of high quality work, having tie and collar beams, a full truss being exposed in the end bay, known as the ty gwau.

Included as of special interest as, it retains cruck construction of high quality, and for its later probable association with the weaving and knitting industries which formed the economic mainstay of Llanbrynmair for much of its post-medieval history, the evidence for which has almost disappeared.

Williams W, Gweithiau Williams, Pantycelyn p 705; Williams W, 'History of the Parish of Llanbrynmair' Montgomeryshire Collections, XIX, 1886, p 346.

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