CPAT Regional Sites & Monuments Record

PRN 80816 - Talerddig siding enclosure wall

NGR :- SN93249934 (SN99NW)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Llanbrynmair
Prefered site type :- 19th century ? - Wall (Structure - Damaged )

A short stretch of stone wall, drystone with both quarried and waterworn rubble in it; about 20m long and over 1m high. Gives way to a thorn hedge both S and N. However, the presence of another, longer stretch of wall on the W side of the field implies that there may once have been a stone-walled enclosure here though the differential survival is curious (CPAT visit 1999).

Cut during pipeline work over which CPAT held a watching brief in 2000 (PRN 85162). Wall constructed of facing stones with a loose rubble core. Its appearance suggested that it was of relatively modern construction (Hankinson, R, 2001g, pp4).

Hankinson, R , 2001 , Caersws to Machynlleth Gas Pipeline (Phase 2 Talerddig to Machynlleth. Archaeological Watching Brief and Excavation , CPAT report 391 .
Kennedy, A E , 2003 , Glyn Arthur, Llandyrnog - NE/05/4251: Tir Gofal Historic Environment Report - HE2 , CPAT Report 603 December 2003 .

Watching brief CPAT / 2000(/ /) -

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