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As part of our Regional Heritage Management Service funded by Cadw, and in conjunction with the Welshpool Partnership and the BBC Walk Through Time web pages for mid-Wales (linked to the TV series British Isles, A Natural History), the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust have created an interactive map of Welshpool, Powys and various supporting web pages about the town and its surroundings. Visitors can interrogate the map and read about, and see photographs of, the sites, monuments, buildings and artefacts of archaeological and historical interest, and access background information. This information comes from the Regional Historic Environment Record (HER), a public-access database about archaeology and history curated by CPAT.

Please remember that while many of the sites discussed here are visible from public roads and footpaths most of them are private property, and this should be respected.

Index of archaeological and historical sites in Welshpool . . .


Welshpool Smithfield burial, SJ22890749


Domen Gastell, SJ2301007400
Maes Gwastad hollow way, SJ22300720
Welshpool Church (Capel Llewellyn), SJ22710764
Welshpool Church (St Mary), SJ2255607659
Welshpool medieval fairs, SJ22510762
Welshpool medieval market, SJ22440755
Welshpool, Domen Mill, SJ22950735
Welshpool, High Street / Broad Street, finds, SJ22450755
Welshpool, High Street 11, SJ2229007600
Welshpool, High Street 28, SJ2225107635
Welshpool, High Street 8, SJ2230307590
Welshpool, High Street 9-10, SJ2229307590
Welshpool, Mount Street 1, SJ2219907605
Welshpool, Mount Street 5, SJ2217007605
Welshpool, Mount Street 7 - 8, SJ2215507607

Post Medieval

Barn field, SJ2294207623
Maen Llog stone, SJ22560764
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Aqueduct Cottage, SJ2271307436
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, canal by-pass arch, SJ22590731
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, canal wharf, SJ2268007407
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, canal works, SJ2257907240
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, canal yard and salt warehouse, SJ22590732
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Hollybush Coal Wharf, SJ22520729
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Hollybush Wharf, SJ2255607258
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Hollybush Wharf outbuilding, SJ22510730
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Hollybush Wharf stables, SJ22520729
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Hollybush Wharf weighbridge house, SJ22500730
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Lledan Brook aqueduct, SJ2270507449
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Lledan Brook weir, SJ22700745
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Powis Arms canal wharf, SJ2285607658
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Severn Road former canal warehouse, SJ2269307409
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Town Lock, SJ2259407299
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Town Lock mill, SJ2260007310
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Town Lock mill wheel pit, SJ22600731
Montgomeryshire Canal, Welshpool, Town Lock weir, SJ22580730
Powis Castle, Park Lane gate piers and gates, SJ2229007500
Welshpool Agricultural Group prisoner of war camp, SJ229075
Welshpool brick pit, SJ22520731
Welshpool Church (Christ Church), SJ2212307489
Welshpool Church (St Mary), `Church House', SJ2258207632
Welshpool Cockpit, SJ2243607485
Welshpool Guildhall, SJ22400758
Welshpool Independent Chapel, SJ2219107651
Welshpool Market house, SJ22480750
Welshpool Railway Station, SJ2289907168
Welshpool vicarage, cellar, SJ22580759
Welshpool War Memorial, SJ2254507630
Welshpool, 'Elmhurst', SJ2272107208
Welshpool, 'The Parsonage House', SJ22590760
Welshpool, Berriew Street 'National School', SJ2252907296
Welshpool, Berriew Street 'National School', latrines, SJ22530733
Welshpool, Berriew Street 'Oldford House', SJ2246607316
Welshpool, Berriew Street 'Stone House', SJ22520720
Welshpool, Berriew Street 1, SJ2250607472
Welshpool, Berriew Street 18-19, SJ2247007450
Welshpool, Berriew Street 20, SJ22520721
Welshpool, Berriew Street, former Grammar School, SJ2246507297
Welshpool, Boot Street 1, SJ2243507590
Welshpool, Broad Street 'Pinewood Tavern', SJ2241807588
Welshpool, Broad Street 1-3, SJ2241607595
Welshpool, Broad Street 13-13a (Hopkin's Passage), SJ2245907547
Welshpool, Broad Street 13-13a (Hopkin's Passage), datestone, SJ22470756
Welshpool, Broad Street 14, SJ2246707542
Welshpool, Broad Street 21-22, SJ2250307510
Welshpool, Broad Street 23, Midland Bank, SJ2248707478
Welshpool, Broad Street 24, SJ2248607487
Welshpool, Broad Street 25, SJ2248007490
Welshpool, Broad Street 26, SJ2247607495
Welshpool, Broad Street 27, SJ2246607494
Welshpool, Broad Street 28, SJ2246307504
Welshpool, Broad Street 29, SJ2245507508
Welshpool, Broad Street 3, SJ2242607587
Welshpool, Broad Street 32-33, SJ2243907533
Welshpool, Broad Street 34, SJ2243107541
Welshpool, Broad Street 35-36, SJ2242507547
Welshpool, Broad Street 37-39, SJ2241207550
Welshpool, Broad Street 38, SJ2240907555
Welshpool, Broad Street 39, SJ2240807559
Welshpool, Broad Street 4, SJ2242907583
Welshpool, Broad Street 40, SJ22450754
Welshpool, Broad Street 40, Lloyd's Bank, SJ2240507566
Welshpool, Broad Street 41-42, SJ2238607575
Welshpool, Broad Street 5-6, SJ22430757
Welshpool, Bull bridge, SJ2258907526
Welshpool, Chelsea Lane 1, SJ2222907571
Welshpool, Chelsea Lane, Baptist Church, SJ2222307561
Welshpool, Church Bank 2, SJ2259107648
Welshpool, Church Bank `Grace Evans's Cottage', SJ2258907678
Welshpool, Church Bank, Church House walls steps and gates, SJ2257607636
Welshpool, Church Bank, former Cooper's shop, SJ2258607644
Welshpool, Church Road, Universal Pentecostal Church, SJ2213607542
Welshpool, Church Street 1-6, SJ2252007510
Welshpool, Church Street 5-6, SJ2252807526
Welshpool, Church Street 8-9, SJ2251807559
Welshpool, Church Street `The Cross', SJ2251507500
Welshpool, Clive Place 1, SJ2270707374
Welshpool, Clive Place 2, SJ2272507361
Welshpool, Clive Place 3, SJ2274307351
Welshpool, Clive Place 4, SJ2276007339
Welshpool, Domen Mill weir, SJ227074
Welshpool, former Royal Oak Flannel Factory, SJ2257407508
Welshpool, Greenfields 20, prefabricated bungalow, SJ2301307592
Welshpool, Greenfields 21, prefabricated bungalow, SJ2301907604
Welshpool, Hall Street 11-12, SJ2242607605
Welshpool, Hall Street 12, SJ2242307602
Welshpool, Hall Street 12a, SJ2242007601
Welshpool, Hall Street 5, SJ2244607639
Welshpool, Hall Street 6, SJ22440763
Welshpool, Hall Street 7, SJ2243807624
Welshpool, High Street 1-1a, SJ2238007580
Welshpool, High Street 10, SJ2229707601
Welshpool, High Street 12, SJ2228007600
Welshpool, High Street 13, SJ2225707604
Welshpool, High Street 14-15, SJ2225207605
Welshpool, High Street 16 'The Talbot', SJ2223207606
Welshpool, High Street 17-18, SJ2222107605
Welshpool, High Street 19, SJ2220507606
Welshpool, High Street 2, SJ2237207582
Welshpool, High Street 20, SJ2221307634
Welshpool, High Street 21-22, SJ2222007635
Welshpool, High Street 23, SJ2223007633
Welshpool, High Street 24-26, SJ2223507633
Welshpool, High Street 29-30, SJ2225707635
Welshpool, High Street 3, SJ2236607580
Welshpool, High Street 31, SJ2226607634
Welshpool, High Street 34, SJ2229507630
Welshpool, High Street 36, SJ2231707631
Welshpool, High Street 37, SJ2232607629
Welshpool, High Street 39, SJ2233607624
Welshpool, High Street 4, SJ2236407591
Welshpool, High Street 40, SJ2233907621
Welshpool, High Street 41, SJ2234707623
Welshpool, High Street 42, SJ2235307621
Welshpool, High Street 43 'The Pheasant', SJ2236207620
Welshpool, High Street 44, SJ2236907617
Welshpool, High Street 45, SJ2237207623
Welshpool, High Street 46, SJ2237507617
Welshpool, High Street 5-6, SJ2235207595
Welshpool, High Street 7, SJ2231507598
Welshpool, High Street Town Hall, SJ22400760
Welshpool, High Street, Methodist Chuch, SJ2226707597
Welshpool, Llyndu Brook, Culvert, SJ22570735
Welshpool, Lockhouse stable, SJ22580731
Welshpool, Mount Street 4, SJ2217607607
Welshpool, Mount Street 41-42, SJ2215307630
Welshpool, Mount Street 45, SJ2217307632
Welshpool, Mount Street 46, SJ2218007631
Welshpool, Mount Street 47, SJ2218407632
Welshpool, Mount Street 49 - 50, SJ2220007633
Welshpool, Mount Street 9, SJ2213707604
Welshpool, Mount Street, Park Terrace 1-3, including garden walls, SJ2216107635
Welshpool, New Street 1-2, SJ2243307527
Welshpool, New Street `Victoria House', SJ2238007450
Welshpool, New Street Chapel (English Congregational), SJ2242107483
Welshpool, New Street, military hospital, SJ224075
Welshpool, Oldford Lane `Oldford Cottage', SJ2239807330
Welshpool, Park Lane, Powis Castle Lodge, SJ2227007497
Welshpool, Red Bank, Cottages, SJ2258707693
Welshpool, Salop Road 1, SJ2260607678
Welshpool, Salop Road 23, SJ2246707554
Welshpool, Salop Road 29, SJ2285907694
Welshpool, Salop Road 33-35 'Collen Buildings' including railings, SJ2278107673
Welshpool, Salop Road 36-37, SJ2275607661
Welshpool, Salop Road 38, SJ2272407652
Welshpool, Salop Road 38-41 railings, SJ2271207657
Welshpool, Salop Road 39, SJ2271807649
Welshpool, Salop Road 40, SJ2271207647
Welshpool, Salop Road 41, SJ2270607646
Welshpool, Salop Road 45, SJ2265407653
Welshpool, Salop Road Former Powysland Museum and Library, SJ2261707679
Welshpool, Severn Road former Railway Bridge over Montgomeryshire Canal, SJ2271207459
Welshpool, Severn Street 10-11, SJ2260407432
Welshpool, Severn Street 12, SJ2262007420
Welshpool, Severn Street 13, SJ22620741
Welshpool, Severn Street 18 (including railings to street), SJ2260107403
Welshpool, Severn Street 19-22, SJ2259307408
Welshpool, Severn Street 2, SJ2254407471
Welshpool, Severn Street 23, SJ2257307428
Welshpool, Severn Street 24, SJ2256307432
Welshpool, Severn Street 25, SJ2255207440
Welshpool, Severn Street 26, SJ2254307442
Welshpool, Severn Street 26, greenhouse, SJ2252707425
Welshpool, Severn Street `Dolanog Cottages', SJ2265207309
Welshpool, Severn Street `Royal Oak Hotel', SJ2253307487
Welshpool, Smithfield Road, railway transfer dock, SJ22980734
Welshpool, Smithfield Road, railway transfer dock, animal pens, SJ2297507350
Welshpool, Smithfield Road, railway transfer dock, office, SJ2299707353
Welshpool, Smithfield Road, railway transfer dock, platform, SJ2296407344
Welshpool, Smithfield Road, railway transfer dock, railway tracks, SJ2297407336
Welshpool, Stone House, well I, SJ22500735
Welshpool, Stone House, well II, SJ22500734
Welshpool, Union Bridge, SJ2247007649
Welshpool, Union Street 7-8, SJ2247407652
Welshpool, William Clive's Vicarage, SJ22590760
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