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As part of our Regional Heritage Management Service funded by Cadw, and in conjunction with the Welshpool Partnership and the BBC Walk Through Time web pages for mid-Wales (linked to the TV series British Isles, A Natural History), the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust have created an interactive map of Welshpool, Powys and various supporting web pages about the town and its surroundings. Visitors can interrogate the map and read about, and see photographs of, the sites, monuments, buildings and artefacts of archaeological and historical interest, and access background information. This information comes from the Regional Historic Environment Record (HER), a public-access database about archaeology and history curated by CPAT.

Please remember that while many of the sites discussed here are visible from public roads and footpaths most of them are private property, and this should be respected.

Click on a coloured point of interest to access, and if you wish print out, the information behind it. The circular symbols will lead you to extracts from the HER, the diamonds will lead you to photographs. Alternatively you can select a site by name from the alphabetical index of sites.

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To find out more about the Regional Historic Environment Record and the other work of CPAT follow the menu options on the left of this page.

We would welcome feedback on these pages and the information they contain, to do this, or to get further information about this area, please contact Jeff Spencer at this address.

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