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As part of our Regional Heritage Management Service funded by Cadw, and in conjunction with Time Team, the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust have created an interactive map of Ffrith, Flintshire and a supporting web page about the settlement. Visitors can interrogate the map and read about the sites of archaeological and historical interest, and access background information. This information comes from the Regional Historic Environment Record (HER), a public-access database about archaeology and history curated by CPAT.

Please remember that while many of the sites discussed here are visible from public roads and footpaths most of them are private property, and this should be respected.

Index of archaeological and historical sites and archaeological investigations in Frith . . .


Ffrith settlement, SJ284553

Bronze Age

Pentre tumulus, SJ27745564


Ffrith finds A, SJ284552
Ffrith Roman coins, SJ2855
Ffrith Roman site, SJ28575529
Ffrith Roman site, building I, SJ284552
Ffrith Roman site, building II, High Street / Valley Road, SJ28455535
Ffrith Roman site, building III, SJ28465533
Ffrith Roman site, building IV, "Arosfa", SJ2847155329
Ffrith Roman site, building V, "Arosfa", SJ28475532
Ffrith Roman site, building VI, "Arosfa" & "Emdyklin", SJ28475532
Ffrith Roman site, finds, SJ28455535
Ffrith Roman site, Offa's Dyke, cremations, SJ28495531
Ffrith, Offa's Dyke, finds I, SJ2851355255
Ffrith, Offa's Dyke, finds II, SJ2851455250
Ffrith, roman road, SJ2855555185
Ffrith, Sunny Bank, Roman activity, SJ28525526

Post Medieval

Bryn-melyn Kiln, SJ288556
Chester - Ffrith - Caer Gai roman road, SJ2775054607
Chester - Ffrith - Caer Gai roman road, SJ2852755217
Cymau Cairn B, SJ29495593
Ffrith colliery, SJ28645475
Ffrith farmhouse, SJ2850055190
Ffrith limekiln, SJ28155582
Ffrith limeworks, SJ286554
Ffrith Mill house, SJ28455537
Ffrith smithy, SJ28495541
Ffrith watermill, SJ28595539
Ffrith, earthworks, SJ284548
Ffrith, lime kilns (disused), SJ28535541
Glas Coed colliery, SJ281550
Pen Rhiw limekiln, SJ284559
Pystell Farm limeworks, SJ291558
Trimley Hall, house, SJ2778755790

17th century

Trimley Hall, barn, SJ2774755775

18th century

Ffrith hall, SJ2870254864
Ffrith packhorse bridge, SJ2863855332

19th century

Ffrith Roman site, building II, High Street / Valley Road, excavation 1870, SJ28455535
Ffrith Roman site, excavation 1893, SJ28455535
Frith Quarry lime kilns, SJ2840055600
Pont Newydd y Ffrith, SJ2852655224

20th century

Ffrith Roman site, building IV, "Arosfa", excavation 1910, SJ2847155329
Ffrith Roman site, buildings V and VI, "Arosfa" & "Emdyklin", excavavation 1967-69, SJ28475532
Ffrith Roman site, geophysical survey 1987, SJ28575529
Ffrith, Greenhill, watching brief 1996, SJ28535514
Ffrith, Offa's Dyke, excavation 1926, SJ2851355255
Offa's Dyke - Ffrith Farm, evaluation 1996, SJ28545518
Offa's Dyke - Ffrith, Sunny Bank, excavation 1992, SJ28525526

21st century

Ffrith, Cymau Road, watching brief, 2000, SJ285554
Ffrith, Pont Newydd y Ffrith: evaluation 2000, SJ2858855200
Ffrith, Valley Road, Collina, watching brief 2001, SJ2837455347

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