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Collated here are our archives of event photographs, newsletters, and some of our older exhibitions – to give you a flavour of some of the work we undertake. We are always willing to collaborate on new projects like these – please get in touch with us to discuss!

CPAT Newsletter Archive

Before social media was the most prevalent method of communication, CPAT published a newsletter of project updates – here’s the archive of past editions as downloadable PDFs.

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Festival of Archaeology

The Festival of British Archaeology is an annual event run by the Council for British Archaeology. CPAT is one of many oganisations across the UK that put on activities and displays as part of this fortnight of archaeological fun.

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Exhibitions and Displays

Take a look at some of our older displays and exhibitions from the archive.

Romans in Mid Wales

As a joint venture with the Powysland Museum in Welshpool, the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust has prepared an exhibition entitled The Romans in Mid Wales. The exhibition draws on Cadw funded project work by CPAT on Roman military and civilian sites in the Clwyd-Powys region. It comprises a series of bilingual display panels, detailing aspects of Roman life in mid Wales, and a virtual reality model of Roman and Iron Age sites in and around Caersws in northern Powys, including the Roman fort at Caersws and the Iron Age hillfort at Cefn Carnedd.

Romans in Mid Wales – Booklet Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 1 Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 2 Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 3 Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 4 Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 5 Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 6 Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 7 Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 8 Romans in Mid Wales – Panel 9

How the West Was Won

As a follow up to a number of projects undertaken in the Walton Basin on the central Powys border with England, CPAT prepared an exhibition entitled How the West was Won which looked at the spectacular assortment of vast Neolithic monuments that are to found in the area – including, at 34 hectares, the largest wooden palisaded enclosure of that date yet to be found in Britain. The exhibition was first used at the Royal Welsh Show in 2012. It comprises a set of 3 A1 boards / 6 A2 boards and a downloadable booklet, all of which are downloadable below.

How the West was Won – Booklet How the West was Won – Panel 1 How the West was Won – Panel 2 How the West was Won – Panel 3 How the West was Won – Panel 4 How the West was Won – Panel 5 How the West was Won – Panel 6