Clwyd-Powys Archaeology



The Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust offers a number of educational services to schools, home edudcation groups, organisations working with young people, and other educational establishments in north-east and mid Wales. We design resources, run events and open days, curate handling collections and exhibitions, and run creative arts sessions inspired by landscapes and artefacts. All of our activities can be differentiated for different ages, curriculum level, educational setting, and in many cases can be adapted with particular SEN or additional needs in mind. 

From preschool to postgraduate and beyond, we have activities for all.

For those looking for CPD, we can offer professional advice on the use of archaeology as a subject matter (‘The Celts’, ‘The Romans’, ‘Life in the Past’, ‘Pottery Making’, etc.) and on archaeology as a teaching medium (teamwork, co-ordination of physical and mental skills, language, discussion of evidence, etc.) within education and the National Curriculum (Wales).

Where schools are holding special curriculum events or following a theme related to archaeology and heritage, we will be happy to discuss how we can work with you to bring hands on archaeology to the classroom, or bring young people to our sites. 

Note that CPAT holds an extensive archive of aerial, and other, photographs of archaeological and historical sites, copies of which may be purchased at cost price for educational purposes – contact us with a query and we’ll take a look in the archives!

Work Experience

Thinking of a career in archaeology or heritage? Work experience with CPAT will give you a taste for the profession – from fieldwork to desk based assessment, from survey to finds analysis. Contact us to express your interest for 2019.


Resource Archive

We are constantly developing new activities, lesson plans, resources for educational use. Here is an archive of some previous examples – please get in touch to discuss your requirements for new resources.


Short Guides

CPAT has also produced a number of short guide leaflets for the use of teachers and others visiting sites in the Clwyd-Powys area. You are welcome to print these out and use them free of charge for educational purposes.


Archwilio – The Historic Environment Record 

The Historic Environment Records of all four Welsh Archaeological Trusts are available to the public online and via a free app. You can discover sites and add new information – perfect for researching your local area for educational projects, or for learning how to use and submit to archives!