Clwyd-Powys Archaeology



The North-east Wales Community Archaeology project was initiated in 2013-14 with grant aid from Cadw with the aim of undertaking volunteer and education-oriented, archaeology-based tasks in the former Clwyd region, ranging from conservation to fieldwork and educational events. These tasks have been identified through a process of consultation with Cadw and Denbighshire County Council which considers both conservation needs, educational opportunities and potential additional resources available for each. The programme of work during the first year concentrated on survey, conservation and outreach activities at Tomen y Rhodwydd (Castell yr Adwy) near Llandegla, Denbighshire (SAM De 018; PRN 100932), and continued in 2014-15 with further work at this site, as well as Llys Edwin, near Northop Flintshire (SAM Fl 023; PRN 100289). Following on from the success of the previous years, a further programme of community engagement was undertaken in 2017-18, involving students from, Chester University, Liverpool University and Glyndŵr University. The project focussed on extending the previous season’s excavations at Llys Edwin (Fl023), culminating in an Open Day encompassing the results of the excavations, site tours and period re-enactment displays. For reports on previous years and to find out more, follow the links below.

Tomen y Rhodwydd 2013

In February 2014, we undertook a programme of survey, conservation and outreach activities at Tomen y Rhodwydd (Castell yr Adwy) near Llandegla, Denbighshire.
READ THE REPORT HERE CPAT 1261 Llys Edwin 2013

Llys Edwin and Tomen y Rhodwydd 2014

The project continued in 2014 with further work at Tomen y Rhodwydd as well as similar volunteer and community-based activities on the site of Llys Edwin near Northop, Flintshire.
READ THE REPORT HERE CPAT 1335 Llys Edwin 2014

Llys Edwin and Tomen y Rhodwydd 2015

The project continued in 2015 with further community-based activities such as geophysical and topographical field survey workshops and vegetation management conservation days.

Llys Edwin 2016

The focus of this year’s work has been a continuation of the work at Llys Edwin, including excavations within the moated site, geophysical survey and an open day.
READ THE REPORT HERE CPAT 1496 – Llys Edwin 2016

Llys Edwin 2017

Excavation continued at Llys Edwin in 2017, as well as an open day. The report for this season is forthcoming.