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Your Community - Flint

Further information

As well as the following there are also a number of other early road maps and maps and plans relating to the construction and alteration of the railway and other building projects in the town.

Historic maps

John Speed, map of Flint, field drawing 1607, Merton College Oxford
John Speed, map of Flint on border of map of county of Flint, 1610/11
John Speed, map of Flint on border of map of Wales, 1610/11
Mostyn Estate Map of several tenements, 1740, Flintshire Record Office, NT/M/28
Map of Flint, c. 1799, Flintshire Record Office, D/DM/50/1
Flint Castle, 1818, Flintshire Record Office, D/GW/439
Flint Castle, 1820, Flintshire Record Office, D/L/659
Flint Parish enclosure award, 1830, Flintshire Record Office, QS/DE/23
Flint Town enclosure award, 1830 copied in 1864, Flintshire Record Office, D/DM/568
Flint Tithe Map, 1837, National Library of Wales
Flint, land for sale by Mr Liefchild, 1854, Flintshire Record Office, NT/M/90
Ordnance Survey 2-inch, Surveyor’s Drawing, 1834–35, National Library of Wales
Ordnance Survey 1-inch and 4-inch (printed in House of Commons Reports from Commissions 1837)
Ordnance Survey 1-inch, ‘Old Series’
Ordnance Survey 6-inch 1st edn, 1878
Ordnance Survey 6-inch 2nd edn, 1900
Ordnance Survey 6-inch 3rd edn, 1912
Ordnance Survey 6-inch 4th edn, 1938
Ordnance Survey 1:10,000, 1969
Ordnance Survey 25-inch 1st edn, 1871
Ordnance Survey 25-inch 2nd edn, 1899
Ordnance Survey 25-inch 3rd, 1912

Modern maps

Ordnance Survey 1:25,000, 1975
Ordnance Survey 1:25,000, 2000
Ordnance Survey LandLine, c. 1996

Admiralty charts

Admiralty chart, 1834/51, Flintshire Record Office, D/LA/76
Admiralty chart, 1849, Flintshire Record Office, D/BJ/428
Admiralty chart, 1849, Flintshire Record Office, D/BJ/429
Admiralty chart, 1839 etc, Flintshire Record Office, D/BJ/426
Admiralty chart, 1684, Flintshire Record Office, D/BJ/424
Admiralty chart, 1732, Flintshire Record Office, D/BJ/425

Geology and soils

Geological Survey of Great Britain, Drift Sheet 108, 1924
Soil Survey of England and Wales, 1:250,000 Soil Map of England and Wales, Sheet 2, Wales, 1983


No attempt has yet been made to provide a comprehensive catalogue of images of the town given in prints, sketches, paintings and photographs. A useful but not wholly comprehensive list of topographic prints of Flint is given in the following article: D. Pratt, ‘The topographic prints of Flintshire’, Flintshire Historical Society Publications 22 (1965–66), 40–67. A number of other paintings, drawings and other images are noted in the text above. A comprehensive search has not been made of these or of photograph archives of the town, such as those held by Flintshire Archive Office in Hawarden.

Printed sources

The following published and unpublished written sources relate to the history of Flint.
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