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Aberdaunant lies in the community of Llanidloes Without in the county of Powys. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SN90658655. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 8480 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Aberdaunant, CPAT photo                Lead (Prehistoric/18th century-1879)

Ordovician Van Formation grits. The vein strikes SW-NE. Mineralisation includes galena and sphalerite in a quartz gangue.

3 adits, a crosscut level, and an engine shaft relate to the most recent workings. The levels are situated immediately north of Nant Gwestyn in the valley bottom. The engine shaft is at SN90788655. Some ancient levels and trials exist on the northern end of the lode below Pen Y Gaer hillfort at SN90758675. There is a narrow opencut with traces of lead mineralisation in the side walls at SN91008675. There may have been a shaft through the bottom of this feature which is now infilled. This working and trials around it belong to a group of workings known as Crowlwm but was probably worked with the Bryntail or Aberdaunant setts.

No evidence.

A 30ft waterwheel to drive the crushers was installed in 1871. This was supplied with water by a 200 yard long leat which has been cut into the bedrock in places. The wheelpit is still visible at basal foundation level. In 1876 an engine house was completed and housed a 16hp twin cylinder engine. The engine house survives partially but urgently needs some consolidation work if the walls are to survive an imminent collapse.

30" crushers, buddles, and jiggers were all formerly present on this site. Only the base of a possible ore slide and the crusher wheelpit are recognisable at present. Overall the dressing floors are poorly preserved.

Other features
A possible mine office building foundation is visible on the dressing floors at the foot of the slope.

This HTML page is reproduced from the Powys and Clwyd Metal Mine Surveys which were undertaken between May 1992 and December 1993 by Mark Walters and Pat Frost of the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust with financial support from Powys County Council, Clwyd County Council and Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments. Further information about this site is available in CPAT's Regional Historic Environment Record.
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