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Dalrhiw lies in the community of Llanwrthwl in the county of Powys . It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SN8850060700. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 5511 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Copper/Lead (1850-1881)

A north-south striking lead lode was mined in Silurian rocks of the Tarannon and Llandovery series with copper and lead mineralisation.

There is a main engine shaft which connects with an adit at the foot of the slope. There is a run in level above the mine at SN88706065 together with other trials at this location.

There is a trackway running through the dressing floors from east to west. There is a leat running downslope to the back of the pumping waterwheel and a stone covered leat running from the orebins downslope to the Rhiwnant stream on the west side of the dressing floors.

The engine shaft was pumped by a 52x5ft waterwheel linked to pumping rods. The wheelpit survives to near full height and there is a small bob pit at the head of the shaft. There is a small stonebreaker/crusher house south-west of the pumping wheelpit with a wheelpit attached. There is a platform immediately south of the shaft and cut into the hill-slope which probably housed the horse driven winding frame.

There are some enigmatic structures on the dressing floor probably associated with jigger emplacements. The remains of one of these buildings has a paved floor with a stone slab lined trough in the south west corner. On the eastern extreme of this building is evidence of more paving and another trough which sits in a small room butting against the long southern backwall. There were no obvious buddle remains although their presence is suspected.

Other features
There is a long mine office range by the edge of the stream with three rooms.

This HTML page is reproduced from the Powys and Clwyd Metal Mine Surveys which were undertaken between May 1992 and December 1993 by Mark Walters and Pat Frost of the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust with financial support from Powys County Council, Clwyd County Council and Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments. Further information about this site is available in CPAT's Regional Historic Environment Record.
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