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Llanfair lies in the community of Llanfair Talhaiarn in the county of Conwy. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SH93607030. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 18111 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Lead/Zinc/Copper (1891-1905)

Lower Ludlow Sandstones, shales, mudstones and striped beds.

Two north-south lodes were worked, the main vein being the Morgan Lode and the New Lode, which produced only small tonnage of lead, zinc and copper ores (Archer 1959). The area was worked from early 19th century before the Llanfair Company was formed in 1890. The Company incorporated into its workings the Tyddyn Clefi Mine in their large-scale mining activity, which despite considerable investment in plant only continued for a small number of years. The lease of the sett comprised the three farms of Tyddyn Clefi, Bryn Kenrick and Foel. The main mine area has been later partly quarried out at the end of the track from Pont Llungam, which passes the renovated houses of Tyddyn Clefi and Ysgwbor Wen. Disused levels and shafts were located along the trackway to the renovated mine buildings and on either side of the stream which falls north to meet the River Elwy. Morgan's Shaft used for winding and pumping was located to the east of Tyddin Clefi farmhouse, being to the extreme west of the area now quarried out and cleared. 50yds south-south-west of it was North Shaft and 35yds south of it was South Shaft. The area of these shafts has been cleared of all debris as Morgans' Shaft had been used as a household dump. North and South Shafts appear only as depressions. Water still runs from an adit level west of the Morgan's Shaft area that has been cleared. Adits run eastwards into the hillside of Moel Iago amid areas of spoil.

Ore was transported by horse and cart to Abergele; the return journey brought coal.

Two reservoir-pools appear to have served the sett. A small stream feeds the pool at SH93657040, which lies close to a flat area, presumably used for washing the ore. A second reservoir appears as marshy ground at SH93607020 in the valley floor and along the stream bed, which would have served the main mine area. The masonry foundations of the engine house that served Morgan's Shaft could still remain in the dense undergrowth to the south of the hillside pool. An 1893 plan shows a horizontal winding house and headframe over the shaft. A 35ft diameter iron water wheel apparently served the concentration plant area. A Mine Plan deposited at CRO Hawarden depicts the 35ft wheel with a winding drum on site with an ore house, smithy and office to the south of it.

A 'Luhrig' concentration plant with engine house and boiler were contained in a galvanised building and appear on the Mine Plan on the eastern bank of the stream.

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This HTML page is reproduced from the Powys and Clwyd Metal Mine Surveys which were undertaken between May 1992 and December 1993 by Mark Walters and Pat Frost of the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust with financial support from Powys County Council, Clwyd County Council and Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments. Further information about this site is available in CPAT's Regional Historic Environment Record.
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