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Halkyn South

Halkyn South (also known as Halkyn Rhydymwyn) lies in the community of Cilcain in the county of Flintshire. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SJ20306780. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 18094 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Lead/Silver/Zinc (1897-1903)

Cefn-y-fedw Sandstone with Chert beds.

The South Halkyn and Rhydymwyn Mine lay on the eastern end of the Garregboeth Lode. The old lode was worked to some success in the 18th century, but not until the Halkyn Drainage Level reach the mine in 1908, did the mine expand. The largest shafts occur in the woodland of Garreg Boeth at SJ18656760 and continue eastwards to SJ19156755. Little evidence of lead mining remains in the dense woodland to the north of the Mc Alpines' Quarry entrance, apart from the litter of shafts and mounds lost in the undergrowth. The Olwyn Goch Shaft at SJ20206780 was re-opened and deepened to 490ft by the Halkyn District United Mines Company after 1928. It became the main entrance for personnel into their workings. Forming a down-cast shaft on the ventilation system, it was used to raise and lower the workforce. Smith (1921) records a ladder shaft dropping 320ft through beds of sandstone and grey limestone shale to three levels of workings. The ore was apparently brought out through Davey's Shaft on the Bryncelyn Vein.

A self acting inclined tramway apparently ran from Davey's Shaft to carry the ore to dressing floors on the south side of Rhydymwyn Foundry. The underground diesel railway connected the workings of the Halkyn District United Mines from 1928. The main shafts were the Olwyn Goch and the Pen-y-bryn Shaft (18015).

A pool with an obvious dam wall at SJ21356780 is located in the woodland above the present quarry. Its high position and the fact that it contains a sluice suggest that it was constructed to feed the mine below. The sett was drained by the Deep-Level Tunnel.

Processing took place on the dressing floors at Rhydymwyn Foundry (Smith 1921). In 1932, the Halkyn District United Mines erected a new mill around Pen-y-bryn Shaft and ore was raised from all their workings for dressing at this main site.

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