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Glyndwr (also known as Maeshafn, East) lies in the community of Nercwys in the county of Flintshire. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SJ22106100. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 18080 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Lead (1866-1893)

Flat measures of the Cefn-y-Fedw Sandstone with chert beds.

A large stone-lined shaft (SJ21906110), rectangular and very deep, lies within the garden area of the former mine agent's house, now a modern bungalow. Any evidence of an adjacent engine base has been destroyed. This is the Old or North-West Shaft Smith (1921) mentions as being 30yds east of the road and 100yds deep. Smith (1921) also refers to the Engine Shaft, as 144yds deep, being 200yds east of the road. This is located at SJ22056105. Pellow's Shaft, 100yds west of the road, being 90yds deep is located at SJ21806100 along the drive to America Farm. Further shafts lay to the south of the public footpath that runs east to west to the south of the main mine area.

A trackway seems to connect the Maeshafn sett with Glyndwr.

The stonework of the Engine House at SJ22056105 remain together with a wall that runs east to west parallel to the engine house. Evidence suggests that they were connected and the adjoining wall has disappeared. An earthwork mound about 2m diameter, the probable base of its chimney adjacent to the engine house. A depression and wet area at SJ21956110 suggests the site of the pool that would have served the dressing floors.

No evidence to locate the dressing floors.

Other features
The site of the mine office is now two semi-detached roadside bungalows (SJ21856105). The concrete foundations of modern rubble to the west of the engine house could be dump from elsewhere. An earthwork enclosure is visible in the field the east of the engine house and the remains of a stone cottage.

The owner/occupier of the bungalow on the former mine office site suggested that a lead smelter existed on the site. There was no evidence of this unless the extended wall of the engine house was a conversion..

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