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Brindigrif lies in the community of Whitford in the county of Flintshire. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SJ12607940. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 18011 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Lead (Early 18th century-1884)

East to west vein in Carboniferous Limestone.

In the 1720s, Brindigrif was leased from the Mostyns by the Quaker Company, who dominated lead mining in Flintshire during the eighteenth century. The Mine sett lies up a track from the Maes Achwyfan Crossroads. A low stone wall runs parallel to the woods and the main entrance appears to be at SJ12957950, where any evidence of dressing floors has been cleared. Workings traversed pasture and woodland within the vicinity of Bryndigif Farm (SJ12757945). A large isolated shaft lies at SJ12627942, in the field to the west of the farm. Several shaft mounds lie in the fields to the east at SJ12877934, SJ12887934, and SJ12947933. The vein continues to have been worked in the area of woodland at SJ12997932, SJ13017932 and on a vein running to the north at SJ12967946, SJ12977945 and SJ13017944. Running eastwards, shafts lie in the fields at SJ13137931, SJ13167929, SJ13227926, SJ13257926, SJ13287918, and SJ13297919. All the shafts are early workings, some are fenced off, but others are barely discernable. A more easterly shaft is located at SJ13857920 near Nant Evan. The sett was worked by Mostyn Consols 1882-1884. The adit level driven from the south-east of Pentre-ffynnon Farm remains unlocated.

No evidence.

The Quaker Company recorded the use of a whimsey on the sett in the early 18th century (Bevan-Evans).

No evidence.

Other features
At SJ12917940, stone walls of an apparently rectangular building lie in dense woodland between the two parallel runs of shafts. Although covered in ivy and masked by vegetation, the walls survive to 2m in part and must be mine-related.

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