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Minera Lloyds

Minera Lloyds (also known as Minera Mines Andrews) lies in the community of Minera in the county of Wrexham. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SJ26825138. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 104261 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Lead/Silver/Zinc (1852-1913)

The Main Vein and the Red vein in Carboniferous Limestone.

The area lies within 3A of the Minera Reclamation Scheme, being to the north of the Mineral Railway track. Lloyd's Shaft has been made safe at SJ26825138 in an area that has been cleared of all mining waste. Andrews Shaft remains capped with a low stone wall at SJ26755143. Ellertons Shaft lay to the north-west of Andrews. A shaft is located to the south-west of Tan-y-Graig Issa, capped at SJ26595146 and a further mound to the forefront of the house being immediately alongside the mineral railway, could be a second shaft filled in and possibly Ellertons (PRN 104260). The area was the site of intense mining activity in the late 19th century.

The 1850s mineral railway connects all the main sites. The locomotive engine shed foundations remain near to Andrew's Shaft.

The substantial stonework remains of the 1860s Engine House at Lloyds Shaft survives to apprx 5m high at SJ26805138. It has been consolidated as part of the Reclamation Programme. The house retains its fine architectural features of arched doorway and windows. The foundations of the boiler house and the base of the masonry engine remain under the earthworks. Lloyd's Engine House with its 14" horizontal engine powered a cage for winding the men. Andrew's Engine House foundations and chimney base may remain under the earthworks at basal level in the wooded area along the railway track at SJ26705146. Andrews and Ellertons worked in close proximity and one 14" horizontal engine raised ore from both shafts. The same engine worked the crusher for the dressing floors. To the south-west of Andrews, on the other side of the railway track, the reservoirs and feeder leats that supplied the site remain at SJ26725141.

The dressing floors that lay to the north-east of Lloyd's Shaft have been cleared of waste and debris as part of the land reclamation scheme being carried out by Wrexham Maelor Borough Council.

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