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Rhosesmor (also known as Halkyn District) lies in the community of Halkyn in the county of Flintshire. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SJ21306830. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 103055 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Lead/Silver/Zinc (1858-1913)

Carboniferous Limestone.

Little remains of the former large-scale operations by the Rhosesmor Mine Company and the later East Halkyn and Halkyn United Companies. The setts worked several lodes and the larger late 19th century shafts are recorded as Batter's shaft at SJ21306830, Powell's Lode Shaft at SJ21506860 and an inclined shaft at SJ21306930. Much of the area has been cleared for modern industry. Mining evidence in the area survives as earthworks remains at SJ21406820, being an area of grassed-over spoil mounds and shallow workings adjoining the wasteground to the north of the Red Lion Public House. Powell's Lode Shaft survives to the north of this area, east of Rhosesmor Post Office. The sett was operated at Batter's Shaft, on the Wetsminster Vein, by the Halkyn East Co from 1891-1910 and was drained by the Deep Level Tunnel. A single shaft remains to the south of the village on the perimeter of the Sand and Gravel Quarry at SJ21406730, which may be part of the Hendre sett.

No evidence.

1867 Rhosesmor Mine purchased an 80" pumping engine from Cornwall to work Batter's Shaft. Other engines on the sett in 1870 were recorded as a 45" pumping engine steamed by two boilers, put to work in 1860; an 80" and a 70" pumping engine each steamed by three boilers.

A modern dressing plant has been sited at Batter's Shaft (Smith 1921, 138).

Other features
No evidence.

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