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Welshpool Heritage Gateway

Aircraft Crash Sites

First World War Commemoration

Offa's Dyke at Chirk

Buckley Potteries

Military Airfields

Walton Basin Project

Whitford Dyke

Llanymynech Hill

Glas-hirfryn medieval house

Pen-y-gaer Roman settlement

Hindwell Roman vicus

Caerau Roman Settlement

Hen Caerwys deserted medieval village excavation

Twyn-cae-yr-eithyn burial cairn

The Neolithic ChamberedTombs of Breconshire

Neolithic palisaded enclosures

Larger ring ditches

The Hindwell cursus

Druid square barrow cemetery evaluation

Cerrig Bwlch y Fedw stone circle survey

Craig y Fan Ddu stone rows survey

Longer Project Reports

Welcome to our Project pages. These give an in depth look at some of the projects CPAT has undertaken in recent years. We hope you will find these interesting.

Abergele, St Michael's Church - A small-scale research excavation to provide training for local volunteers and students from Abergele College was undertaken in September 2005 with a second phase in April 2006.

Abbeycwmhir - Reconsolidation work on the 12th-century Cistercian monastery afforded an opportunity for re-recording the standing remains to include newly revealed details.

Aircraft Crash Sites - A report on CPAT's part in a pan-Wales survey of aircraft crash sites.

Airfields - A report on CPAT's part in Cadw's survey of Wales' military airfields.

Archaeology in the Forest - Some of the results of the Welsh Heritage Assets Project, a survey to locate and record archaeological sites now lying in forests.

Beacon Ring hillfort - All the latest news about CPAT's ongoing heritage management project at this iconic Iron Age hillfort in the Severn valley.

Better Woodlands for Wales - The Better Woodlands for Wales scheme

Betws Yn Rhos - A report on excavation work on this prehistoric and medieval site.

Buckley Potteries - A report on CPAT's recent work on the Buckley Potteries.

Buttington Medieval Timbers - An initial report on work at this recently discovered 12th century wooden structure.

Caerau Roman Settlement - A report on geophysical survey and excavation in the area surroundng Caerau Roman fort.

Cerrig Bwlch y Fedw - An archaeological survey and evaluation of the Cerrig Bwlch y Fedw stone circle in Denbighshire.

Clwyd Coastal Survey - An archaeological survey of finds sites, monuments, buildings, marine and industrial remains along the North Wales Coast, as part of a rapid survey of the historic environment around the entire coast of Wales.

The Clwydian Hillforts - Survey work by CPAT looking at the condition of iron age hillforts in the Clwydian hills as part of Denbighshire County Council's Heather and Hillforts Project.

Craig y Fan Ddu - An archaeological survey and evaluation of the Craig y Fan Ddu stone rows near Talybont-on-Usk.

Cursus Monuments - An archaeological investigation into some of these enigmatic Neolithic ritual mouments.

The Druid square barrow cemetery - A geophysical survey and evaluation of the Druid square barrow cemetery near Corwen.

The Dyffryn Lane Henge Complex - Excavation and survey work by CPAT and the University of Bradford looking at this important prehistoric ritual landscape in the Severn Valley near Welshpool in Powys.

First World War Commemoration - Projects investigating traces of the First World War in east and north-east Wales.

Four Crosses Bypass, Powys - Follow the ongoing excavations of this complex

Glas-hirfryn - A report on work at this late medieval timber building in Powys.

Hen Caerwys deserted medieval village - A dig diary about CPAT's and Cadw's excavation on this 600 year old site in Flinshire.

Hepste Valley prehistoric landscape - A report on the CPAT's work on this fascinating landscape in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

The Hindwell cursus - An archaeological survey and evaluation of one of Britains longest Neolithic monuments.

The Hindwell Roman vicus - An archaeological evaluation of the vicus settlement at the Hindwell Roman fort, Powys.

Historic Churches Survey - A full report on CPAT's part in Cadw's survey of historic parish churches, including individual church descriptions of all pre nineteenth century churches in the Clwyd-Powys area.

Historic Landscapes - An in depth look at CPAT's ongoing work on the Characterisation of Historic Landscapes and the Cadw / CCW / ICOMOS Register of Historic Landscapes in Wales.

Hyssington Axe Factory, Powys - Recent exploratory work on the site of this Bronze Age Axe factory on the Powys /Shropshire border

Landscapes of the Limestone in Flintshire - A report on surviving earthworks on the limestone plateau of north Wales.

Larger ring ditches - Archaeological evaluation of a selection of these potentially Neolithic 'henge' monuments.

Llanelwedd Cairn Excavations - information, and a daily Dig Diaries, about the 2008 & 2007 excavations of Bronze Age burial cairns at Llanelwedd Quarry near Builth Wells.

Llanymynech Heritage Area - survey work at Llanymynech is the start of what promises to be an exciting programme of restoration and interpretation.

Llanymynech Hill - A look at the archaeological assessment work carried out by CPAT on the largest Iron Age hillfort in Wales.

Llysoedd and Maedrefi - A study of the llysoedd and maerdrefi, carried out by CPAT in 2014-15.

Llysun motte and bailey - A look at the archaeological syurvey work carried out by CPAT in 2013.

The Old Tannery, Machynlleth - Building and geophysical survey at The Old Tannery, Machynlleth.

Two Houses in Machynlleth - Building survey and excavation at Royal House and Parliament House, Machynlleth.

Meusydd Early Medieval cemetery - Trial excavations at this early medieval site in the Tanat Valley.

Meusydd Henge Complex - Geophysical survey and excavation at this prehistoric ritual monument complex in the Tanat Valley.

Mines Survey - A rapid survey of all the non-ferrous metal mines and phosphate mines in Clwyd and Powys.

Moel y Gaer, Llantysilio - Excavations in the interior of this hillfort, 2010.

Nantclwyd House Gazebo, Ruthin - Building survey and excavation at the 18th century gazebo in the garden of Nantclwyd House in Ruthin, Denbighshire.

Lord's Garden, Nantclwyd y Dre, Ruthin - Archaeological evaluation at The Lord's Garden, Nantclwyd Y Dre, Ruthin, Denbighshire.

Roundhouse Farm, Nantyglo - Building survey and excavation at a late 18th and early 19th century farm complex in south Wales.

The Neolithic Chambered Tombs of Breconshire - A new assessment and guide to this fascinating archaeological resource.

Neolithic palisaded enclosures - Geophysical survey and archaeological evaluation of the three Neolithic palisaded enclosures in the Walton Basin.

Neuadd Barn, Cloggau, Radnorshire - The results of a short project to record by excavation and survey, the remains of a 16th-century half-timbered hall house before conversion from its present use as a barn back into a house.

Newtown Roman Road - excavation of some 300m of roman road beneath the site of Tesco's new supermarket in Newtown, Powys.

Offa's Dyke at Chirk - A look at the recent assesment work by CPAT on this important Anglo-Saxon monument.

Parks and Warrens - A study of the parks and warrens, carried out by CPAT in 2014-15.

Pen-y-gaer Roman settlement - An overview of the first three seasons digging at this Roman fort site in southern Powys.

Ports and Harbours - A report about recent survey work on the historic ports and harbours of the north east Wales coast.

Powis Castle East Front Project - A Dig Diary following the progress of the excavations at the East Front of Powis Castle in Welshpool.

Powis Castle's Great Lawn - Searching for the lost gardens of Powis Castle. A geophysical survey of the Great Lawn.

Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites - A review of CPAT's recent work on prehistoric burial and ritual sites across the Clwyd-Powys area.

Rhydymwyn, Valley Site - An Historic Environment Management Plan for a unique Chemical Weapons Factory.

A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales - A web version of the Archaeological Resource Audit for the Clwyd Powys area.

Sharwardine Castle - An interim report on CPAT's work on this Shropshire castle.

Spite Inn, Tirabad - Recent work on this post medieval farmstead on the Sennybridge military ranges.

Strata Marcella Abbey - Survey and recording of the now largely vanished Cistercian abbey site at Welshpool, Powys.

Tir Gofal - Tir Gofal - the agri-environment scheme for Wales, 1999-2009

Twyn-cae-yr-eithyn - An archaeological survey and evaluation of the Twyn-cae-yr-eithyn burial cairn in the Black Mountains.

The Walton Basin Project 2012- 2015 - Recent work in the Walton Basin.

Walton Court Ring Ditch - Excavation work by CPAT at this potential Neolithic 'formative henge' monument in the Walton Basin.

Walton Palisaded Enclosure - Excavation work by CPAT at this enigmatic Neolithic monument in the Walton Basin.

Welshpool Heritage Gateway - Excavation and recording work by CPAT, volunteers and students at Welshpool Motte and other nearby sites.

The Whitford Dyke, Flintshire - Recent work along this intriguing earthwork. Is it prehistoric, early medieval or something else entirely?

Womaston Causwayed Enclosure - Excavation and survey work by CPAT at this recently discovered Neolithic site in the Walton Basin.

Ystum Colwyn Farm, Montgomeryshire - Building survey of agricultural buildings demonstrates the importance of this farm from the early post-medieval period until the 19th century.

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