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Hepste Valley project report

Hepste Valley prehistoric landscape

A series of prehistoric huts at Waun Tincer - photo 3099-0023 © CPAT

The upper reaches of the Hepste valley, in the southern Brecon Beacons, is a landscape rich in the remains of prehistoric activity. In most areas prehistoric activity is largely evidenced by the presence of often numerous burial monuments and occasional ritual sites. In the Hepste valley, however, a prehistoric landscape survives to a significant extent, with the remains of habitation and agriculture lying side by side with funerary sites.

An extensive archaeological survey was conducted in this area during the 1990s and recent work by CPAT has added further detail to this interesting landscape. However, to the casual visitor or passing walker the importance this area is not readily apparent as many of the sites are either hard to find, or perhaps difficult to interpret. A recent report by CPAT provides a summary of the area’s history, together with a gazetteer of sites which can be used as an aid to discovering this fascinating prehistoric landscape.

Visitors should be aware that although the area is open access land there is no easy way to reach it. The most direct route is from the A 4059, where there is limited parking at the start of a rough track at SN 9731 1288. The track leads down to the Afon Hepste, although there is no bridge and crossing can be difficult unless the river level is low. It is also possible to park on a lane on the north side of the river, near Hepste Fawr, at SN 9528 1226, following a footpath from the end of the lane to the open access land.

To read or download a copy of the CPAT report on this fascinating landscape follow this link

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