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The CPAT Website

Pen-y-Crug, Brecon, photo 05-C-0138 © CPAT

The CPAT Website started life in 1996/97 by pure chance when our then director, Bill Britnell, noticed that on the back of a press cutting about local road improvements there was a small advertising piece from Powys County Council asking people if they had any content for the then newly created web site that they hosted. CPAT decided to produce a series of short pieces about local archaeological sites (called Powys Past) and this was was loaded onto the council's web sever - the CPAT web presence was born.

Once on the web we quickly realised that it was going to be a vitial, quick and relatively cheap means of communication, particularly given the large rural area that we cover and the difficulties of distributing more conventual media. Things moved on and CPAT developed its own web space and rapidly began to expand the site, with bi-lingual pages on field work, our Historic Environment Record and development control functions, downloadable eductaional materials, pages on large projects such as historic landscape characterization and the historic churches survey, the Offa's Dyke Initative and many other topics.

Today the website contains nearlty 4000 pages of information about history and archaeology in the Clwyd Powys area and the work of the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust over the past 37 years.

The following are just some of the people who have worked on this site since that happy accident in 1996 . . .

Caroline Earwood
Neville Townsend
Chris Martin
Jenny Mitchum
Phil Copleston
Steve Smith
David Thomas
Philip Mater
Johnny Dempsey
Rachel Stebbings
Nigel Jones
Wendy Owen
Ian Bapty
Abi McCullough
Jeff Spencer
Richard Phipps
Charlotte Baxter
Mark Walters
Jenny Britnell
Richard Hankinson
David Vaughan
Bob Silvester
Sophie Watson
Ian Grant
Rod Trevaskus
Emma Turner
Will Davies
Paul Belford
Viviana Culshaw

and Bill Britnell (without whom none of this would have happened)

and not forgetting all those students and volunteers who have contributed to the web site during work experience weeks, namely;
Adelaide Edwards, Elizabeth Richardson, Siān Spears, Rhianwen Hart, Jack Rowe, Dean Roberts, Jessica Pennie, Katy Mascord, Josh Dean, Alice Bufton, Kerala Irwin, Sioned Walker, Laura Weaver, Charlotte Jones, Gus Harris, Laura Bowen, Katy Mascord, Glyn Richards, James Edwards, Chelsea Bartram, Jamie Harris, Daniel Lloyd, Fabian Twist, Olly Jones, Jacob Griffiths, Martin Riffel, Michael Riffel, Beth Harding, Lauren Jones and Steph Orton.

The image which appears at the top of every page on our website, is a square bronze plate, found in 1872 as part of a large hoard of metalwork discovered under the collapsed rampart of Moel Hiraddug hillfort, Flintshire. The plaque is 152mm in length, with a central roundel containing a whirligig pattern with streamers. The central boss is pierced, as are the corners, suggesting that it was once attached to another object, perhaps used to decorate a wooden casket. It is thought to date to the early part of the 1st century BC. © CPAT CS-00-27

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