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Festival of British Archaeology
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Festival of British Archaeology 2009

CPAT at Loggerheads Country Park, 18th - 19th July 2009


CPAT once again joined staff of Denbighshire County Council Heather and Hillforts Project at Loggerheads Country Park near Mold to celebrate the Festival of British Archaeology. The weekend centered around the Cwmwd Ial re-enactment group, who set up their camp in the park to show how men and women of the commote of Ial in North Wales would have lived in the 10th and 11th centuries (AD900 - 1099). On Saturday the 18th, the Cwmwd Ial warriors (in full battle order) set off on a 7.5 mile march across the Clwydian Range from Moel Arthur to Moel Famau.

Meanwhile, CPAT staff had set up their modern camp nearby (a lovely new gazebo), which was packed with a range of activities to try out. Abi McCullough and Sophie Watson were standing by to help visitors kit themselves out as a fearsome warrior by making their own helmets, brooches and shields, decorated with real Welsh celtic designs. Elsewhere, the staff of the Denbighshire County Council Heather and Hillforts Project had set up some brilliant displays on Iron Age hillforts as well as activities to try out like 'Dress an Iron Age Warrior' and 'Build your own hillfort'.



Jeff Spencer was also on hand with a range of mystery artefacts for people to identify. These were from a range of periods and included a Roman grooming kit, a Medieval watering can, a set of Victorian finger stocks and a Victorian back board, both of which would have been used to stop children fidgeting in the classroom! Identifying the finds proved to be a very popular activity for children and adults alike, as most were genuinely puzzled by some of the objects, and not least because anyone who guessed right recieved a prize!

On Sunday, after the tiring march across the Clwydian Range, the people of Cwmwd Ial stayed around their camp, demonstrating early medieval crafts as well as battle tactics! Visitors were able to partake in a battle agianst the Cwmwd Ial warriors using shields and swords that were provided by the group.



All of the mystery artefacts were kindly leant to CPAT by Wendi Terry from the headquarters of the Young Archaeologists' Club (YAC) in York. The Young Archaeologists’ Club is available for young people aged between 8 and 16.

There are several branches in Wales, but if there are none near you, you can still join the club and receive the magazine four times a year and enter competitions (including the annual Young Archaeologist of the Year award). To join the Young Archaeologists’ Club, contact YAC, St Mary’s House, 66 Bootham, York, YO3 7BZ, tel. 01904 671417. Click here for a full list of branches in the UK.

More photos of this year's event here

Sophie Watson, August 2009

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