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Festival of British Archaeology

Festival of Archaeology 2013

An early medieval encampment recreated by Cwmwd Iāl. CPAT©

Hard at work on a pot CPAT©

The tour of Dolforwyn Castle

Due to the success of the 2012 Festival of British Archaeology event at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre we at CPAT were keen to continue the working relationship with the Elan Valley Trust and build on that success. To this end, on Sunday 14th July, Abi McCullough and Sophie Watson ran a 'Family Archaeology Day' with various things to make and do including coil pot making (see middle photo above). In addition this year project archaeologist Ian Grant of CPAT coordinated a living history event with the help of other members of Cwmwd Iāl, his early medieval renactment group. Over 80 people, children, parents and grand-parents enjoyed the day in glorious weather.

A week later Jeff Spencer led a guided walk around the ruins of Dolforwyn Castle for people wanting to learn more about this often overlooked but fascinating site. Built by Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, it was a challenge to the nearby castle at Montgomery and the authority of Edward I.

Some quotes from members of the public -

"We as a family have attended many archaeology festival events over the last two years - very informative and great fun !!"

"Dolforwyn - It's brilliant".

The Festival of British Archaeology is coordinated by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) based in York. For more information about the Festival CLICK HERE. Our thanks go to the staff at the Elan Valley Visitor Centre and all the members of Cwmwd Iāl. Plans for the 2014 events will begin soon, so keep an eye open for details!

Jeff Spencer, August 2012

For further information please contact Abi McCullough or Jeff Spencer
Tel. 01938 553670 or e-mail.

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