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The Romans in mid Wales
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The Romans in mid Wales
Travelling Exhibition

This set of nine A1 sized display panels form a travelling exhibition. To enquire about booking all or part of this for your venue, contact Chris Martin at CPAT.

This set of panels comprises

  • Panel 1 - Introduction
  • Panel 2 - Timeline
    some key events in the history of the Roman empire
  • Panel 3 - Going native
    a look at the pre-Roman Iron Age landscape and culture of mid Wales
  • Panel 4 - On the eve of conquest
    the Roman invason of Britain and the advance into mid Wales
  • Panel 5 - The natives are restless
    local reaction and resitance to the Roman advance
  • Panel 6 - Winning the peace
    establishing Roman rule in Wales
  • Panel 7 - Roman makeover
    life as part of the Roman empire
  • Panel 8 - Discovering Romans
    how archaeology is used to reveal Wales' Roman history
  • Panel 9 - Virtual Roman reality
    find out about the Caersws Roman virtual reality model

You can also download your own digital copies of these A1 display panels as PDF files. To do this now, or to look at all the panels in this set in more detail, just follow this link.

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