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Wrexham Heritage Society, April Find of the Quarter

CPAT's Jeff Spencer with Certificate winner John Formstone; photo 3067-0001 © CPAT

At the April meeting of the Wrexham Heritage Society, the Find of the Quarter Certificate was awarded to Mr John Formstone. John found and reported a worn and slightly tatty silver penny, but one that is different to those usually reported to us. The unusual features of this coin are a small T and an image of a key spotted by John on the obverse (front) of the coin, either side of the portrait of the king. These features are clues to when and where the coin was minted, and indicate that the penny was struck on behalf of King Edward IV in York, by Archbishop Thomas Rotherham. We know that Thomas Rotherham was Archbishop of York from 1480 to 1483, which confirms that this coin was minted towards the end of Edward IVs second reign as king (1471-1483) after he had captured Henry VI in London and defeated the Lancastrian army at the Battle of Tewkesbury during the Wars of the Roses. It just goes to show how much history can be behind even relatively modest discoveries.

See the full record for the coin.

Jeff Spencer, June 2010

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