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Wrexham Heritage Society

Wrexham Heritage Society

Wrexham Heritage Society is blazing a trail for responsible metal detecting! Over recent years CPAT has built up a good relationship with the Society, itís committee being keen that all discoveries made by members be reported to archaeologists and properly recorded. Through liaison between Jeff Spencer of CPAT, Peter Reavill of the Portable Antiquities Scheme, Wrexham Heritage Society President Charles Cater and other senior society members a system to record the artefacts unearthed during metal detecting forays has been put in place.

Sixteenth-century dress-hook from Pentre Mailyn, Wrexham.
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Post-medieval horseís head riding crop mount from Gresford, Wrexham.
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With funding from the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) Jeff is able to attend club meetings once a quarter to record details of the latest discoveries and to help identify the more troublesome artefacts! Attendance is always good with about 30 members at the October meeting. Back at the CPAT offices information and photographs of the finds are uploaded to the PAS online database.

Over the last couple of months invaluable assistance has come from Mr Rod Trevaskus, a volunteer member of staff who is taking high quality photographs of the finds and helping with the time-consuming task of entering details onto the PAS online database. We are very grateful to Rod for his time and enthusiasm.

Jeff Spencer, October 2007

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