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5000 years of history in the Walton Basin

Radnorshire Society members at excavations in the Walton Basin; photo 2627-0084 © CPAT Members of the Radnorshire Society were history hunting in the Walton Basin near Prestiegne recently. Seen here talking to Nigel Jones of CPAT, they were out and about to look at trial excavations on a site that despite its great age was only discovered in the past couple of years. The site in question, which survives only as cropmarks and came to light through aerial survey, is thought to be a rare Neolithic 'causewayed' enclosure and may well be over 5000 years old.

Womaston Neolithic causewayed enclosure showing as cropmarks

As part of a long term Wales-wide project looking at prehistoric ritual and funeray sites CPAT have been undertaking survey work and the exploratory dig, that you (and the Radnorshire Society) can see here, to test this theory and try to recover some form of dating evidence - such as pottery or organic material that might be radio-carbon dated - as well as to examine the form of the buried remains. The excavation confirmed that the site had been enclosed by a large ditch, which could certainly be a prehistoric feature, although conclusive dating evidence from this phase of the work has proved more elusive. Society members were fascinated to see the work in progress and will be keeping a keen eye on future developments.

Further information about this excavation can now be found on our Project Reports pages.

Chris Martin, August 2008

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