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CPAT meets ‘hometown’ metal detector club

CPAT meet the Oldford Force Team! On a Saturday morning in late February CPAT staff met with members of the Oldford Force Team metal detecting club. Based in the Trust’s hometown of Welshpool, the Oldford Force Team is a well-established club involved in encouraging children and young people to participate in an active, outdoors hobby.

Several hours were spent with club members including founder Tony Pinchera identifying and recording artefacts for the Portable Antiquities Scheme, all the while being generously fuelled with coffee and biscuits by Tony’s partner Hazel! A wide range of interesting and potentially important artefacts were studied and over the next few weeks CPAT Volunteer Rod Trevaskus will be working to photograph and record the items before uploading the details onto the PAS database. Club member Ed Bailey kindly agreed to take on the important role of finds recorder for the Oldford Force Team, using a digital recording form devised by CPAT to note details such as where artefacts were discovered, as soon as they are unearthed. Recording where an item comes from is just as important for us as recording what it is!

We are pleased to be working with clubs such as the Oldford Force Team, who are keen to work with archaeologists and to record their finds. We are very grateful to Tony and the other club members and look forward to working regularly with them in the future!

Jeff Spencer, March 2009

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