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New book offers first major re-interpretation of Offa’s Dyke for 50 years!

Offa's Dyke: History and Guide

Dr David Hill and Margaret Worthington have been investigating the extraordinary 8th century linear earthwork known as Offa’s Dyke since the early 1970s. Now their new book ‘Offa’s Dyke: History and Guide’ (£12.99, published by Tempus) offers a long awaited summary of the results of this research. It is also the first dedicated volume on the subject since Sir Cyril Fox’s classic 1955 ‘Offa’s Dyke’ monograph.

The book confidently presents some controversial new interpretations of the dyke which, if accepted, radically alter our understanding of both Offa’s great monument and, perhaps, the very origins of Wales itself. These include the claim that Offa’s Dyke is not as long as recent scholars have believed, and that it was built not just to serve as a frontier marker between Mercia and the Welsh kingdoms, but to be an actively patrolled defensive line.

So is this book indeed the final word on Offa’s Dyke? Click here for a detailed review!

Ian Bapty, December 2004

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