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Offa's Dyke dig sparks school interest

Aerial photograph showing the line of Offa's Dyke approaching Llandysilio School, © CPAT photo 84-C-0094 Most archaeological evaluations pass by without arousing a great deal of public interest, but recent work in advance of an extension to Llandysilio School at Four Crosses prompted an organised visit by pupils. The dig was in an area where the course of the Early Medieval earthwork bank and ditch Offa's Dyke runs underneath the front of the Victorian school buildings, and the evaluation was designed to find out if any remains of the Dyke would be effected the proposed building works. In the aerial photograph you can see here, taken by CPAT in 1984, the course of the earthwork can clearly be seen as a yellow stripe running to the right of the road towards the school (at the top of the photo). This cropmark is caused when the grass in the field parches because the topsoil is shallower where it lies over the remains of the bank.

Unfortunately no certain evidence of Off'a Dyke was found by the evaluation, but discussions with the teaching staff led to the opportunity to talk to two groups, numbering about 40 pupils in total, regarding both the Dyke and the archaeology of the immediate locality.

For further information about Offa's Dyke and the Offa's Dyke Initiative Project follow this link.

Richard Hankinson, November 2007

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