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Banks and Ditches of the Borderland

Upper Short Ditch - photo 85-C-274.jpg © CPAT Aerial view of the Upper Short Ditch, Kerry.

A talk given to the Oswestry and Borders History and Archaeology Group in February 2008 gave a short summary of the work of the Trust, many of the most important elements of which are funded by Welsh Assembly Government through Cadw. This introduction was followed by a slide show about two projects of Borderland interest run by the Trust with Cadw funding.

Undertaken over several years and only recently finished, was an ambitious project involving the survey and dating of a score or so of the enigmatic Short Dykes of Powys and the Borderland. Some of these stretches of bank and ditch are as spectacular as the best sections of Offa's Dyke, but each usually only runs for some hundreds of metres. Their siting is often distinctive, crossing ridge-crests, valleys, and interfluvial spurs - creating very noticeable artificial boundaries in the landscape.

Survey and excavation work at Dyffryn Lane Henge, near Welshpool, has given us important information about the structure and dating of this 5,000 year old monument which is part of a fascinating and important complex of ritual sites that once stood alongside the river Severn a few miles from the modern border with Shropshire.

More information about these projects is available on the CPAT Website. You can follow this link for Dryffryn Lane, and this one for information about Borderland Short Dykes and Linear Earthworks

Jenny Britnell, February 2008

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