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CPAT to survey Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Reserves

The Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust has commissioned CPAT to undertake an archaeological baseline survey of 16 Nature Reserves as part of an important new initiative. The work is being funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and forms part of a wider scheme of nature reserve enhancement throughout Montgomeryshire, which will be undertaken over the next five years at a cost of 660,000.


Right: Iron Age hillfort on Roundton Hill, Churchstoke, Powys

These enhancements cover all aspects of reserve management from archaeological and scientific surveys through to improving reserve boundaries and producing management plans. The work will help to improve our knowledge of the reserves and the diverse wildlife to be found there, whilst also improving public knowledge and enjoyment through better access and interpretation.

The overall aims of the survey being undertaken by CPAT are to

  • reveal more about the history of each Reserve
  • identify sites of archaeological interest
  • assist in the future management of the Reserves, taking into account any archaeological remains.


Left: Llanymynech quarries, Carreghofa, Powys

The project, which is due to be completed in February 2001, involves a search of historic documents, maps and photographs to trace the history of each Reserve and identify sites of archaeological interest. Following on from this, each site will be visited to record the nature and condition of known archaeological sites as well as to identify and record any previously unrecorded sites which may be discovered.

The Reserves which are included in the survey vary greatly in character and size, and include areas of upland moor, river bank, wildlife ponds and woodland. Several of the Reserves are already known to include a wide range of important archaeological sites such as Roundton Hill, which has an impressive Iron Age hillfort on the summit, and Llanymynech Rocks, which includes part of the 19th century limestone quarry with associated industrial archaeology.

For further information about this project, contact Ian Hughes of the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, tel: 01938 555654, e-mail:

Nigel Jones, CPAT and Ian Hughes, MWT, September 2000

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