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Early Medieval Cross Slab in Meifod Church: Photo CS86-19-14a, CPAT copyright

Meifod Local History Group

A small but dedicated band attended a recent evening presentation at Meifod Community Centre about the Portable Antiquities Scheme on the 18th September. Beginning with the genesis of the scheme in 1997 and its background Jeff Spencer moved on to discuss the range of artefacts reported to him at CPAT for recording, from a Palaeolithic hand-axe dating to the period 40,000BC-10,000BC to musket balls of the Civil War era (17th century). Mystery items that still have the experts baffled also featured!

After the lecture the Secretary of the group was heard to remark "Good, good, long may they continue to fund you!", a most welcome comment that he followed up a few days later with a kind letter of thanks which read

    "I am writing to thank you for your most enjoyable talk last week.... Our members will now have some idea of the sort of artefacts that can be found in this locality, and what to do should they be fortunate enough to discover anything!"

Jeff Spencer, September 2007

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