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Romans at Maesydre School, Welshpool

A Roman soldier drawn by a pupil of Maesydre School; image © CPAT

Nearly 100 children in the four Year 3/4 classes at Maesydre School, Welshpool joined in activity sessions led by CPAT staff in March. To get things started the children were asked what they thought archaeology was and then took part in an investigation, looking at what can be learned from things left behind by people in the past. ‘The Romans’ features in the school curriculum so next we talked about what the Romans brought to Britain with the aid of original Roman finds and replica items kindly lent by Powysland Museum, Welshpool. To put their archaeological skills to the test the children were then asked to study a tray of finds and to report back to the class on their appearance, material, what they might have been used for and finally what they thought they were.

We would like to thank Eva and Catherine at Powysland Museum and CPAT volunteer Natasha for their help with the sessions, which the children enjoyed very much.

Jeff Spencer, March 2010

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