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CPAT photo, Llanelwedd, 2007

Setting out the grid in sunny weather on the first day! The central figure stands near the middle of the mound, next to the displaced capstone. CPAT

Excavations at Llanelwedd

The 8th October 2007 saw the start of a five week excavation by the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust of a Bronze Age burial mound at Llanelwedd near Builth Wells in central Powys. The site lay in a working quarry and the excavation has been funded by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund and Cadw.

The cairn was one of a number of sites recorded on Llanelwedd Rocks, overlooking the Wye Valley in Radnorshire. The site appears to have been one partially excavated in 1906, but which had not been examined since. The excavation has confirmed that the stone cairn had originally been built around and over a central burial cist, constructed from locally quarried stone slabs, but has also revealed that it had been surounded by a kerb of upright stones. These findings and many other details recovered by the work can be read by following the link below.

CPAT photo, Llanelwedd, 2007

Work came to an end on the 9th November and for every working day of those five weeks dig director, Bill Britnell (pictured here with the rest of the dig team in front of the excavated cairn), has complied a dig diary for the CPAT website. To review the story of the excavation as it unfolded day by day follow this link to that now completed diary.

Chris Martin, November 2007

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