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Wrexham Heritage Society Find of the Quarter

Jeff Spencer of CPAT presents Wrexham Heritage Society member Julian with his certificate;
photo 2828-0002 © CPAT

As part of our role supporting The Portable Antiquities Scheme the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust pays quarterly visits to the Wrexham Heritage Society, a metal detecting club who hold their meetings in Acton, Wrexham. We have a good working relationship and together are generating valuable new information about the past. To further this good work and to encourage members to keep recording their finds with us we have instigated a Find of the Quarter award. Items reported to both club officers and CPAT during the previous 3 months are compared and the finder of the most interesting item (not always the oldest!) is awarded a special certificate. So without further ado let us present the winner of the inaugural Find of the Quarter competition, Julian and his rather lovely Late Iron Age horse harness cheekpiece!

Originally one of a pair that would probably have formed part of a horse’s bridle, this copper alloy bar is beautifully decorated with sweeping lines and panels filled with red enamel in the Iron Age artistic style called La Tène. Very few such items have been found in the past and there are currently only 8 other examples on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database! See the full record here.

Jeff Spencer, April 2009

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