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CPAT at the National Eisteddfod, Wrexham, August 2011

Not even a scary-looking Celt can keep them out!

CPAT were present at this year’s National Eisteddfod flying the flag for the Welsh Archaeological Trusts. A mysterious Celtic figure seen wandering around the stand – drawing a mixed response from bemused children and intrigued adults alike – resolved itself into Emma Turner, a CPAT placement student from Bradford University, who had bravely donned costume and war paint to try and draw more of a crowd (see photo left); while also trying to improve her Welsh. Jeff Spencer and Wendy Owen from the Trust were on hand to demonstrate Archwilio and share their knowledge with the public.

The main focus of the stand was a bilingual display on the excavation of prehistoric remains at Borras Quarry, a site near to Wrexham but unfortunately closed to visitors. The aim was to demonstrate to people some of the ongoing work of CPAT while focussing on sites within or near the Wrexham area. With this in mind there was also a photographic display of several historic sites; an Iron Age farmstead, Offa’s Dyke and a Roman fort to name but a few.

Wendy Owen discussing local archaeological sites with visitors to the stand

There was also a daily activity for children in the form of medieval tile making. This proved a huge success with some children making two tiles and even some adults pitching in. Overall the week proved to be a huge success, with Wednesday proving to be the busiest day, so much so that there was little free space at the stand on occasion! Leaflets went flying out the door and by the end of the week Wendy and Emma were pleased at how few boxes there were to bring home!

Wendy Owen (right) discusses an archaeological site with visitors to the CPAT stand.

Emma Turner, August 2011

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