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Short Dykes in Mid and North-East Wales

The Cadw-funded assessment of short dykes in the region has continued into its fourth year, following the successful results of the excavation carried out at the Giantís Grave Dyke, as reported in Archaeology in Wales 43, 77.

Augering at Clawdd Mawr Dyke, Montgomeryshire

Left: Augering at Clawdd Mawr © CPAT cs04-51-30

The main aim of this yearís work was to identify further dykes on which excavation and environmental sampling could be conducted and, with this in mind, auger sampling was carried out at a further six dykes to determine whether suitable deposits were present. Peat deposits which had been sealed by the respective earthworks were found in the case of the Short Ditch, near Knucklas in Radnorshire, the Crugyn Bank Dyke, near Dolfor and Clawdd Mawr, near Penybontfawr, both in Montgomeryshire.

Although the work remains ongoing, excavations have already been carried out at the Crugyn Bank Dyke and Short Ditch, and both have revealed soil profiles very similar to that of the Giantís Grave Dyke. Samples have been taken for analysis by Cadw's Environmental Archaeologist.

Richard Hankinson, January 2005

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