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The Breiddin Bronze Age and Iron Age hillfort

Excavation at the Breiddin by CPAT Postholes of the Late Bronze Age rampart discovered below the Iron Age rampart.

An illustrated talk by Bill Britnell was given on the 19th November to 55 members of the Caradoc and Severn Valley Field Club in the Old Market Hall, Shrewsbury about the excavations at the Breiddin in the late 1960s and earlier 1970s. The talk focused on the different kinds of evidence that archaeologists use to write the history of a site, including structural evidence found by digging as well as the evidence provided by artefacts, evidence of early technology, evidence of plant remains, and radiocarbon dating. In a discussion section which followed the talk the member of the Field Club showed a particular interest in the potential contribution of historical evidence – the Breiddin being one of the possible sites of Caractacus’s ‘last stand’ against the Roman army in AD 51 described in the writings of Tacitus, the Roman historian.

You can find out more about the work at the Breiddin hillfort by following this link.

Bill Britnell, November 2008

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