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Iolo speaks out!

Iolo Williams at the Powysland Museum in Welshpool: Photo CPAT copyright Welsh wildlife expert, Iolo Williams, took time out of his hectic filming and recording schedules to come to the Powysland Museum in Welshpool recently. He was there to record voiceovers, in Welsh and English, for the virtual reality model of the Iron Age and Roman landscape around Caersws that forms a centrepiece of the Museum's most recent exhibition - The Romans in Mid-Wales.

The model is the result of a collaboration between CPAT and computer expert Steve Smith and contains detailed reconstructions of Caersws' two Roman forts, Cefn Carnedd Iron Age hillfort, and a number of smaller farmsteads and enclosures in this distinctive part of the Severn Valley. CPAT's extensive knowledge of the area's archaeology and history and Steve's wizardry in web based computer modelling combined quickly to produce images, words and animations, but we were lacking a voice. We tried recording each other for the early versions but it wasn't really working so we went looking for an expert - hence our call to Iolo. He was delighted to help.

Virtual reailty model of Caersws, Romans in Mid-Wales

The finished animated tour of the model with Iolo's excellent bilingual commentary can be seen running at the Powysland Museum as part of the exhibition until the end of November 2007. The animation can also be seen, and the full model explored interactively, as part of this web site by following this link.

Roman glass bead from Brecon Gaer

You can find out more about the Romans in Mid-Wales exhibition at the Powysland Museum by following this link.

Chris Martin, November 2007

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