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Hunting for the Cwm Mawr axe factory (in Hyssington Village Hall)

The hunt for the Cwm mawr axe factory goes on, photo 2648-125 © CPAT

An audience of 34 gathered in the Village Hall at Hyssington on 24 September to hear a talk by Nigel Jones on the search for the nearby prehistoric axe factory. Although most people were from the Hyssington area, two came from as far afield as Snailbeach!

Some Cwm Mawr axes that didn't get away, photo 2648-125 © CPAT

The talk presented the results of two seasons of investigation by CPAT and National Museum Wales. Although it has been accepted for some time that a small hill near the village is the source of the stone used to make a group of Bronze Age axe hammers and battle axes, the exact location of prehistoric workings has remained a mystery. Although the excavations failed to produce conclusive evidence, it seems probable that a series of small quarry scoops on the south-east side of the hill may have been the source of the stone.

You can find out more about the search for this elusive site by following this link.

Nigel Jones, September 2009

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